damm the weed haters

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Trouble, Mar 11, 2003.

  1. Every wear I go someone pisses moans and complains about
    " weeds bad for you it makes you stupid, your a bad person,
    and all that shit."
    The haters need to lay off if they havent tryed it they shouldnt judge it the next fool tell me weed is bad I'm gonna beat thier ass back to the stoneage
  2. yepyep..never doubt somthin till ya try it.

    doesnt mean you should go try crack, some things can be takin into consideration, but ya know what im tryn to say.
  3. Yeah, it sucks when people complain stuff they don't know nothing about, I don't mean they'd have to try it but at least they could get their facts right wich is quite hard when all the "wise and mature" people tell horror stories about the devils harvest.
  4. OMFG i have this problem ALLLLLLLLLL the time. ppl think stoners are losers, dumb, lazy, "bad person". like my friend asked some guy i know about some friends of mine. like "have you seen such and such".......he replys........"i dont hang out with losers". i was like WTFFFFFFFFF. you think ppl that use marijuana are losers? ignorant fool!
  5. <------------This pothead is not a loser :D
  6. yea goes to show how ignorant some folks can be
  7. well, while MOST of us are good honest people just like everyone else, there all those burnout punks who wont ever do anything, and complain all the time and just smoke weed all day and be gay, those guys are losers.

    i smoke weed all day, but i also work and go to school and have alot of other shit going on, just like everyone here, (or almost everyone...)

    hahah, but yeah, those people suck. and Ill bet you most of them go home and have a smoke while they drink a glass of wine or have a beer....

    people are way to opinoinated these days, which isnt necessarily bad, but when everyones got an opinion, theres way more chance that someones is against yours, and that when it gets annoying.
  8. dude i feel you not only that but i get it from my ex stoner boyfriend and bestfriend

  9. Get it, Stoneage, get it! HAHAHAHA HAHaooo oh I think i better go lay down........
  10. at least theres some sympathizers out there... 4 of us were chillin blazin outside the rec centre up town and some chick walks past with her kids so we hid the pipe and whatever and theres really no way she coulda known we were blazing... other than the chicks giggling... but then about a minute later after the pipe goez around some dude walks by so we do the same routine cuz hes with like this 10 year old kid... but as he walks by he goes "its ok, weed's good" and me and my buddy just SHIT our pants laughing cuz we were expecting 2 get bitched at... but then like 30 seconds later 5 cops come and bust us sayin some woman complained about kids smoking "pot"... and you know what one of them said????

    "if you want to ruin your life, do it on your own property"

    BULLSHIT.. i almost cracked up at the guy but i managed to keep it in
  11. when propaganda says weed is bad, someone, at least the gullible ones, believe it without checking the facts.

    but as mentioned there is also a lot of people smoking that you could'nt point out and say "those smoke". why, becourse they are you and me. people who go to work, have a life and are contributing positivly to the community.

    not to say that there aren't looser tokers, but hey, alcohol have ruined way more lifes than weed ever will.

  12. Piss em off :)

    Just say "Don't knock it 'til you try it" and walk away
  13. weed is bad for u
    u r a looser if u smoke
    weed will kill u
    weed is the apple of the devil
    weed kills your brain cellis

    shoot me

  14. aw man, see, there's no emotion expressed over this :)

    i know you're full of shit when you write something like that ;)
  15. yeah....if people dont like weed, its all cool, i dont care, but dont fucking preach to me, im not gonna stop cause their punk ass told me it was bad for me. i love how they tell you its bad for me like i didnt know. like im gonna say "WHAT! its bad for me! thank god i ran into you. you fountain of knowledge. up until this moment i thought it was a way to prevent cancer, may god bless you....go tell the others!"

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