Damaged root system-

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  1. So, I was movin my girls from the germ area to the veg chamber when bam- one of my seedlings was holding on damn hard to the basket and I popped of a nice portion of root. It's a hydro system, btw.

    She's leaning like pimp c in a Promethazine stupor, just wondering if there's a chance she'll make it...
  2. its called a weed for a reason, should be fine... time will tell, and pics would have helped
  3. So the one on the left, her roots found their way out in their own, nothing from the girl on the right.

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  4. it does not look good, but I wouldn't count it out

    you need to cover those un-used net pots... or fill them with hydroton and cover them...
  5. Okie dokey, in assuming I should do that to prevent algae?
  6. Yep light promotes algae growth.
  7. So the one that lost root died. The other one is healthy though, so no worries :)
  8. :) :)

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  9. so my survivor is doing real well. posting a picture now, but i seem to have a burn spot on it one of my leaves. pardon the pic, the hps plays really funny games with my iphone camera.
  10. Ok! 5 characters!

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