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  1. Ok guys, my plant was leaning over a bit so i had a idea to tie it up and i think i hit a few roots with the knife, ive watered it a bit more than the others the last two days and i think it may make it but not sure. Advice please!

  2. Your seedling looks super sick. Some kind of nutrient burn or pH imbalance. The cotlydons are dead and that's a bad sign at such an early age.

    I dunno about the knife being the source of the issue though. Looks more like bad soil.

    If your plant is too tall to hold itself up the answer is not support, you are just encouraging a weak stem that cannot transport enough nutrients to the upper part of the plant. Get a fan on your plant and give it a few days, it'll shape up real soon.

    Seriously though, I wish you luck, but that plant is like stage 4 terminal dude.
  3. I agree, this is just some mid seeds but its my first grow, all the other plants are doing great so its not a big loss. Im just gonna ride it out and see what happens.
  4. Looks like an N deficiency. You should be able to save it by ferting with a veg nute.
  5. Yeah, thats what i thought also so i gave it a taste of food cause it has never been fed before so it may be a lil hungry, its only 12 days old.
  6. its too early for N deficiency or a PH problem. most if not all soils have enough N to sustain a plant for the first 3 weeks and PH doesn't get corrected until the third week as well. a lot of people that PH correct at seedling stage end up with dry leaves...that looks like nute burn to me. if you choose to start seeds in soil use something very light. a good example would be FoxFarms Light Warrior. Organic Soils contain lots of nutes and should be drenched before planting seeds. People that suggest N deficiency or PH problems at such an early stage often suggest pumping the plant with all sorts of shit. they obviously dont know shit about growing Cannabis.

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    i agree. its too early for a deficiency, too early to nute them, too early to even have problems!

    Are the others as stretched as this one?? if so drop your light. what light are you using??

    i cant see you damaging any roots, there cant be much more than the tap root established at that age. even so if it is root damage it will take a shock but will bounce back after a few days.
  8. ok i can see your lights are close enough in the picture but how much light are they getting? and do you have a fan in there?
  9. Yeah its getting a lil over 100 watts, true watts. But also i have a 65 watt, 300 eq over them but im not quite sure if its getting much lumens from it cause of the shrouds on the other lights. When it gets bigger it will have more light.

    Today i took the knife out and it looks better just really stretched. Ill upload more pics in a min.
  10. What temperature are you working at? Those purple stems are natural for this stage, but if its too cold that could be your concern. Also, that soil looks really wet. You need to let that dry out, overwatering is the most common issue with young seedlings.
  11. That's either pH or nute burn.
  12. The others are doing great tho and ive never fed them at all. They are in organic soil, has many nutes in it but it shouldnt be enough to kill it. 13 plants are in the same soil doing great outside aswell. This is the only one with problems.
  13. it can still survive just give it 5.5 phed water until it grows healthier or just a little bit of nutes. next time drop the seed in soil and put a pole or stick next do itand then when it sprouts and gets bigger it will be supported or get a clear plastic cup and cut a hole in the middle and put the seedling through it on top of the soil so you dont play with roots

  14. WOWSERS...are you insane?

    thats not a PH problem. its too early for a PH problem. thats nute burn. you can see it in the second picture. the same thing happens to a few of my seedlings all the time because i start my seeds in hot organic soils. i know what exactly what it looks like. as long as your seedling is still reaching for the light it will be fine.

  15. just from past experiences, i dont think anyone should listen to this guy.
    all he does is put people down and call people names.
    most of his info is rubbish, even though those plants look a little burned.
  16. i never said it wasnt a ph problem im just sayng to give it ph water
  17. man why you have to be such a cry baby i just said to give some phed water until gets healtheir nothing else it is probably nutrient burn he might of given to much nutes
  18. inever said it wasn't nute burn

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