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  1. I just recently move 2 plants outside during the same day i LST and took clones off one. my question is about the other that i didnt clone, while LST i accidently broke the main stem alittle will this kill the plant? also there are marking on the top leaves. please help

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  2. The pic it looks like nute burn, starts at the outer edges and works its way in. As for the plant thats main stem broke it all depends on how bad the break is. Your gonna need a bamboo plant stake or somehting similiar to stake it up, something to tie the branch to the stake and some duct tape. Duct tape the broken or cracked area then tie it to the plant stake. If you got some cloning gell fill in the crack or broken area with a little bit of it before taping it.
  3. If you did not move them in the shade that is good ole sun burn. Good Luck
  4. they are in a pretty shady spot they get direct sun for only a couple hours a day
  5. [​IMG]

    Uploaded with ImageShack.us heres the second thing im describing

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