damage root!!!! sprout!

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  1. wat do u do wen u damage the root of a sprout? it stoped growing :( but it still standin
  2. What did you do....? Might be in shock from whatever it was that you did
  3. i have the lil sprout in a 1 1/2 in stg and planted in a 3 1/2 stg wen i was puttin it in i caught the only root and kinda broke it but still in place n everything it still the same size do u thinkj if i get some root thing like for cutttins will it start growing again?
  4. Thats one hell of a sentence!
    Have you got a photo? The photo might explain things better than you do.
  5. I would like to buy a comma.:)

    I dropped a light on a small plant that really mangled it up. I patched it back together as best I could and left it alone. It eventually started growing again after 10 days. Unless you need the space for some other plant, leave it alone and see if it will recover - what do you have to loose?

    Good Luck

  6. THIS

    I had a plant that was like 2 weeks old, dropped a light on it and broke it in half. I took the top half of the plant(which was stemm and just leaves without no roots) and planted it into soil. After like a week or so, i took the plant outta the dirt to see if roots have grown. It had grown roots and alot of them..so i would leave it in the dirt and treat it like a new born child!
  7. Was it the big main taproot that runs straight down the center, or is it one of the side roots? I broke a taproot once and tho it stood bravely for another day or two, it started folding over and dying afterward. You'll know soon enough... good luck!

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