Damage done by anti-vaccination movement

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    The effect that retards, morons, and pseudo scientists can have upon our public health is shocking.
    The map shows that, in 2008, whooping cough, measles mumps, rubella, and polio barely existed at all. But as the ant-vaccination movement gains force, with that moron Andrew Wakefield at its head, the lives of children everywhere are put at risk.
    I found it pretty intersting

  2. Ugh.... my son was born in 1999, literally just a few months after the Wakefield "study" was published.   It was highly contested from the beginning, but it's a great example of how fear mongering spreads. 
    On a side note.... If you think GC gets contentious, try a parenting forum in the highly un-moderated days of the interwebz, lol.   It makes this place look like Sesame Street. 
    Ha, amazing. People have nothing better to do with their cushy lives than to trash parts of science that actually improve our lives.
    I'm old enough to have gone to school with a kid who had polio. His one leg was the size of my arm. One of my sisters (older than me) had some problem with her legs when she was a kid, never knew if it was a touch of polio or not although she ended up okay.
    All those diseases you mentioned had been pretty much forgotten about because they were largely eradicated. But spoiled Americans, drinking their bottled water that costs more than gasoline, have to find something to bitch about.
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    Religion seems to be one of the main culprits with this movement too.  Vaccines aren't necessary, God is all we need for protection.  :rolleyes:  :laughing:
  5. Some diseases that we have all but eradicated are still very prevalent in other countries. If you don't know already, the reason is because they have not sufficiently vaccinated their population to prevent them from spreading.
    Like when the Pope a few years back said condoms are worse than AIDS.
  7. In general I believe people should have the right to put into their bodies what they please, under the condition that the consequences effect only themselves.
    Not vaccinating yourself puts not only yourself at risk but also all of society, and the world. So until the "dangers" :)rolleyes:) of vaccines outweigh the benefits, people should not have a choice. Or live in the antarctic...then you can chose to not get vaccinated. 
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  9. I say this all the time. The anti vaccine croud is a national security threat even more dangerous than the supposed islamism threat.

    Just a few people not taking vaccines can lead to a mutation in the disease which can then infect the rest of us civilized folk who took our vaccines like we were supposed to...

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  10. Im all for freedom. As long as your freedom doesnt infringe on others freedoms.

    This guy got it right. You are free to not take your vaccines, but yoh are also free to gtfo so you dont make us all sick

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  11. I'm one of those anti vaccine nut jobs. I never had them as a kid and did just fine. When I went to the military and had to stay getting them I got deathly ill every damn time I got one. I refuse to get them any more and I think the flu shot is the most bogus one of all. Fuck that shit with a golf shoe. Just makes me with I was dead for a few weeks. I'll take my chances.
    Most of those diseases are caused by a virus. If you don't come in contact with the virus then you won't get the disease. Are you saying that NOT getting the vaccine prevented you from getting the disease?
    Some people do get a reaction to vaccines (I never have, and get a flu shot every year). However, that is a small price to pay because if you DO get the disease, you will wish you had gotten the vaccine with its possible minor side effects instead.
    So do you seriously believe that the flu vaccine (and others) is bogus? It's a big conspiracy, involving tens of millions of people, but the internet is exposing it all?
  13. The reason you anti vaccine nuts dont get sick is because the rest of us responsible people take our vaccines greatly reducing your chance of exposure

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  14. Well, I was just giving my opinion. this really isn't a topic I am too interested in debating so I'll leave it at that. If you want to get them, it's your body, do as you choose. Personally I don't agree or like them, or what it has become and will never get one again.
  15. Well. You are welcome then. The rest of us taking our vaccines allow you to enjoy a mostly risk free life without them. Enjoy!

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  16. Thanks buddy :smoke:
  17. we blades gotta look out for eachother!

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  18. Guys, vaccines are a necessary preventative measure, but there are inherent health risks in taking vaccines - especially for young children and infants.
    This guy brings up some really good points, worth a watch if you have time:
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    Are the risks of getting a vaccine worse than the disease?
    This is exactly one of the reasons I've gone into on other threads why Western Civilization is in an irreversible decline.
    For faddish reasons we reject the advances of hard science that have brought untold benefit to mankind. Talk to someone who is in their 70s or 80s about what they saw as a youngster. We've forgotten all about that because most of those diseases have been eradicated -- at least from this country. And a lot of the people who DID see it are gone, like my father.
    So Americans, being fat, lazy, with too much spare time and obsessed with materialism, must find something to trash. Yes, I have a lot of problems with the medical community that have had very negative effects on my life, and a lot of it has to do with government interference in medicine.
    But that doesn't mean I reject all of it.
    I can't understand why certain heavy metals are in vaccines when they present clear health risks, that raises a red flag to me. I continue to take vaccines, but the vaccine industry and the ingredients they use in their medicine are subject to scrutiny.

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