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Dama Oil!!! I need help!

Discussion in 'General' started by fatnorma, Feb 26, 2013.

  1. Has anyone in WA tried out Dama Oil? I know it's just Rick Simpson oil, but are there any differences? I get pretty paranoid when I smoke weed but I've been wanting to try this out. Thanks guys and gals:)
  2. It's flavored, lab tested thc results, and seems to be at all the collectives lately. I haven't tried it though.
  3. HI first post here.
    I just registered just cuz ya'll are local. :)
    I just tried one of the .1 ml sample packs for 10$ that was at the power plant. I love that place becuase they are open till 2 am every night. I don't work for them or ne bs like that either.
    REGARDLESS on to the Dama Oil...
    That stuff is CLEAN and I really like it. For 35$ a ml (which is a gram) its a decent value.
    Tho a friend makes pretty good bho and I can get two gram for 40-50. I must say, its not batch tested like the Dama is. It was 88.61% thc when I got it.
    I actually just finished it off in my Itaste with a modified tank thing. I don't have an oil rig. I bought it to try in the vap pen. When used properly it hits like a dab. I coughed for more than 30 seconds after. Thats about what the first (GOOD) dab does to me too. Not to mention the incredible long lasting high. 
    From the .1 ml sample I have been able to achieve a very strong, long medicated feeling 2 times in my itaste An average of 2 huge hits and a few small ones. I probably could have made  better use of it now that I have used it and know how it works with my pen, or to have used an oil rig. 

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