Dam i love lunch breaks.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by RoyalHerb, Mar 22, 2006.

  1. Earlier today i had a lunch break (at work) from 2:00-2:30. So i went outside, smoked a blunt, then went to Quiznos and came back. Have to say, if you get a chance to smoke at work, do it.

    Unless its something that requires massive attention or is really important (like lives at risk Ex. Construction). Then i would vote against it.

    Anyone else do this? Or am i the only one?
  2. i'm always high when i come to work, i work in a videogame store so it's pretty chill

  3. the ultimate stoner job
  4. tell me about it

    i'm at work RIGHT NOW

    haha fuck i love my life
  5. word so am I!
  6. yea i cook for my job so i get all the free munchies i want. and over the summer i was working as a town beach cook so i really didnt have a boss just a bunch of chill college kids and seniors in HS to work with... we would smoke and then bring a cooler with a 12pack and chill out and cook with very little buisness. not very busy like at a resturant we prety much got paid to chill out and do nuttin and NO1 KNEW cause there wasnt any real boss just sum lady that signed the checks that i never met
  7. i love getting blazed at work and checking out the city. if it wasn't for the city, i would be doing a lot more work, and a lot less surfing. i'm at work right now!
  8. bro's... I work at k-mart, on my 15 minute breaks, and lunch's i smoke 1-2 roor loads in my car. Then i go back inside, check people out at register ( if im working register for the night ) or i "straighten" my section lol.

  9. Haha that's awesome. min. wage?
  10. i work at an auto parts warehouse and i toke on my lunch break right after eating. come in and put boxes on shelves, talk about boring if i wasnt high and jammin on my ipod the whole day:smoke:
  11. I blaze all the time, makes the time pass quicker as well.
  12. I work in a bakery, but its in a supermarket. I can come in stoned and its cool because the bakery manager isn't there ever when I work. I'm pretty much left to manage by myself or at most two other people. The work gets pretty tiring though after awhile and its annoying doing the same thing every time I work. I'm thinking about getting a new job.
  13. It's all about the 'break and bake'. I'll sometimes smoke a bowl on my lunch break, or on the way to work if I'm having a stressful day. Lately we've started going to the pizza place down the street on our lunches and getting a pitcher or two w/ our pizza on lunch breaks. Now THAT is fun. :)
  14. Yeah, I don't even work long enough ever to get a lunch break. I have one 15 minute break, but that consists of me munching out on cookies and shit.

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