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Dallas Pickup:: Trainwreck and Big Al---SHROOMS

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Bohemian44, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. #1 Bohemian44, Jun 2, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 2, 2009
    Hello fellow hippies:hello:

    Here is my most recent pickup...i got me an 1/8th of Trainwreck mixed in with a little Big Al for $45.oo...Well thats that! If you have any questions let me know

    Just thought i would throw in a pic of what my roomie brought home after a hard days work! Thats right....SHROOMS!:hello:

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  2. trainwreck is one of my faves
    dank price too
  3. HaHa it seems to be alot of peoples favorite! I feel oh so lucky to get the prices i get...thats a true hookup that actually looks out for his hippie/rastafarian/bohemian friends haha
  4. I have that same microwave.... Oh, and the bud is nice too.

  5. lol yuhhh kudos to us homie! we fuckin nuke that food pretty good eh??
  6. Many nights I go from nug to microwave. Its a match made in heaven, i mean, im stoned and i want food fast and my microwave is like: Dude, i can totally help you with that.
  7. Those shrooms made my mouth water. I can't wait till my grow is done!
  8. Very nice... I want to try Trainwreck so bad.

  9. Nice! How much longer??? I dont know much about all the growing part but i loooooove to [[gobble gobble]] eat em up!!!

  10. To tell you the truth Big Al is my favorite out of the too its a more upbeat happy happy high Mmm love it!
  11. That's some dank bud.
  12. today will be my third day of shroom trips in a row :p makin tea as we speak:smoking:

  13. Mother fuckin BALLER! HaHa thats the things i love to see...i love trippin shrooms cant say ive tripped three days in a row but kudos to you my friend! :cool:
  14. dayum good lookin out keep reppin dat tex

  15. Lol yeaaa you know how we do in th 214! :smoking:
  16. Nice pickup! Haven't run into the Trainwreck around here..yet.
  17. well if its in DALLAS its not TOO far from ya...ya know? haha
  18. now those were some potent shrooms.. the bud aint bad neither... picked up a quarter tonight myself

  19. dont do it.u should wait at least a week b4 u trip again bcuz ur tolerance will go up a lot so it weill take like twice as much to make u trip.

  20. way to think ahead my friend!!

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