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dallas pickup Banana macros

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by j-mf-s, Jun 4, 2009.

  1. this is about 1g out of a quarter smells like dog shit tastes musky/floral i guess?
    outdoor organic

    Attached Files:

  2. Straight up tastiest weed to smoke out of the vap.

  3. yuh! got to rep the vaporbrothers :smoking:
  4. nice looking dank. super frosty. :smoking:
  5. it's the frostiest bud from this connect but not the most potent, interestingly. the headband diesel and trainwreck are more potent. other strains have more of a head high. this is a nice indica though for sure. i have a head high right now too but ive been smokin all kinds a budz:hello:
  6. how much was it? im guessing 100 a quarter
  7. actually... 90 :) used to be 85 but gas and such
  8. bump because i just smoked some and it got me blitzed
  9. ...j...j...j....blah blah haha just kiddin fool this trainwreck i have is oh so tasty in the vap! un real flavor
  10. for smelling like dog shit it looks pretty dank.
  11. its a good kind of dogshit dude
  12. Fuck this is killing me. havent smoked in a month or so and got to go to jail tomorrow.. but when im free again im coming up to visit.... and of course buy a half... u know how i do.

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