Dallas Buyers Club

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  1. Went to see it last night. I was really impressed, I was expecting it to be overly-hollywood with a one dimensional nice-guy main character who just wanted to help... Couldn't be more wrong. Incredible story, believable acting (minus Jennifer Garner.. thought she could've been better) good script. 

    I haven't felt like a movie has made an impact on me for a long while, but this certainly did. 
  2. Yeah it was pretty good

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  3. I want to see it

    "We can't stop here this is bat country"-Fear and Loathing
  4. I enjoyed it too, McConaughey has become quite the actor.
  5. I want to see this so bad. I almost went and saw it on a date, but decided it may not be a great date movie (or is it?)
    Maybe I'll go see it by myself.
  6. Definitely. His dedication to the role surprised me, never saw it in him personally. But his performance in this blew me away, I'm imagining there's many people trying to sign him to a movie deal after seeing that. The crying scenes were intense.
    Definitely not the type of movie you wanna see on a date if you ask me - a pretty depressing movie about a dude who has HIV from fucking randomers isn't really 'romantic' lol. 
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    best acting all yr was in this movie
    mcconaughey and leto were both great
  8. Indeed. I just hope this movie gets the recognition it deserves.
  9. Went blazzed, ....................................best blazzing movie of 2014!!!
  10. Very good movie.
  11. Good movie. Sad ending. Great acting.

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  12. For only having a 5 million dollar budget they pulled off some great work. It's great to see people so dedicated to their careers that they're not going to let money get in the way of making some fantastic material.
  13. Dallas Buyers Club gave me immense hope that McConaughey can pull off Nolan's Interstellar. I'll be the first to say that I was dubious at best about the film's casting prior to watching DBC.
  14. Mccounahey won best actor at the oscars for his role in this and Jared Leto won best supporting actor.
  15. looks like the academy awards agreed

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