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Dalamane snortable bezno review A+

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by xlikelocusts, Jul 30, 2009.

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    Flurazepam marketed under the brand name Dalmane. Flurazepam is a long acting benzodiazepine. It produces a metabolite with a very long half-life (40-250 hours), which may stay in the bloodstream for up to four days.

    Newest Review after a month long T break: Taking today:hours ago.

    Sorry to revive this zombie thread, but man, damn do these things need an update.
    They never seem to not impress me. I suggest if anyone's offered them, to get them quickly and in bulk. I smoked a fat bowl, two joints, two spliffs, and a nice 1 gram blunt split up between me and my roomate, to celebrate each others lives being awesome. We can always find up an excuse to smoke By this point I'm already pretty faded, just spacing out, playing guitar. Then 15 minutes later, we decide to take some Dalmane(which is a strong long lasting benzo)

    I took 2 pills for my first dose. Started to feel that lovely warm xanax feeling come over my body. My friend and I could not play guitar or even talk for anything. Slurred speech, incomplete sentences. We get up wabble around like we'd been drinking.'Oh yeah, this stuff was kicking in hard fight now'.
    We go into our smoke room and I offered him 2 more if we could smoke his blunt clip. We both drop another 2 pills, so were both on a total of 4 now. Which btw would be about taking 3mgs of xanax, but this stuff hits you longer than xanax, you dont come down as soon , with Dalmane you ride about a good 6-9 hour benzo coma.

    Overall for a downer:

    1-5 (5 high) | x unwanted sideffects

    Satisfaction. 3
    Relaxation. 5
    Muscle Relaxation: 4
    Calmness: 5
    Clumbsy. x
    Forgetfull. x

    Its just an awesome benzo. I hope you guys find out about it and are able to cop some
  2. how do you go in for a short acting benzo and come out with a long acting one? lol
  3. Haha, I have no clue man. I guess because I've been prescribed xanax in the past and it really didn't do shit for me, my doc wanted to bump me up to the next level. Which I'm fine with:devious:
  4. i see. hopefully someone here can chime in. i've never even heard of that stuff before :/. wish my doc would have given me xanax instead of klonopin but it works for my problem (and i dont like it as much so i dont abuse it LOL)
  5. Son of a BITCH.
  6. Bump.

    Any other opinions?
  7. This benzo is water soluble. You can shoot and snort it.
  8. :eek:
    Well I don't shoot anything but snorting sounds like fun every once in awhile if I want the high to kick in a little faster than normal. Thanks for this info. :)
  9. Notta problem.

    You do know these are probably worth a pretty penny on the street, eh?
  10. A pretty penny at that :rolleyes:
  11. Ive wondered what the street price would be per pill. Any one have any idea on what would be a fair but decent price.

    I'm going to take two tomorrow. One orally, and 30 minutes later, I'll rail one and post a report on the effects.
  12. Sounds fun.
  13. you hit the fucking jackpot.
  14. i dont have much experience with pills but if you can shoot that i would assume you could plug that shit...
  15. never heard of it...tell me how the high is? any idea how much the pills worth?

  16. beat me too it. One of my friends is prescribed dalmane, and they're one hellova benzo. Plus you can rail 'em so they're almost instantaneous :hello:
  17. yeah, nothing says fun like being in a benzo coma for 4 days :rolleyes: fuck that ...I used to eat a LOT of xanax a few years ago and that shit is just plain destructive...wake up the next morning with no recollection of how you got to where you are, missing money, phone, keys...can't imagine why I ever thought that shit was fun...

    I'm jealous as fuck, that shit is so god damn hard to get. I keep getting the other doctor at the office instead of my GP, so all I can get is fucking temazepam which doesn't do shit.

    AND I forgot its water soluble! I hate hate hate hate you.
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    Bump for report.

    haha how the fuk do I change thread title!
  20. Oh my goodness.

    I still stay "son of a BITCH"

    Hows it work, non recreationally?

    and I don't think you can change thread titles.

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