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Dairy Queen?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Momo toker, Jun 2, 2011.

  1. My dealer is telling me that this dairy queen strain is good but im not sure I wanna buy. Anyone smoked dairy queen and have anything good to say about it?
  2. its dank, thats about all.
  3. Damn ... what's next? Its like dealers are running out of names to call bud that probably has no name to begin with. Not saying that its not a strain but... seriously if they ever legalize marijuana I think the real Dairy Queen is in the right to sue whoever named that strain. Just saying. Lol hope it was some dankity doo doo.
  4. When you an apprentice, your weed's dankness scales with the epic-ness of the name your dealer made up, IF he/she's good, that is.
  5. Is it weed. If it's weed buy it, because it's not like your dealer is going to say, "Oh well I better start getting you a different kind of weed."
  6. If he is a legit grower or knows a legit grower then this is probably what he has.. Unless he is just making up names..

    Sex : Regular
    Type :
    Mostly sativa
    Flowering :
    Genetics :
    UK Cheese X Romulan X Cindy 99
    Flowering Time :
    Medium, Long
    Outdoor Harvest :
    Sept / Oct
    Height :
    Short, Medium
    THC Level : High
    Characteristics :
    Good for anti depressant & uplifting mood

    TGA Subcool Seeds Dairy Queen is a Hybrid- Cheese X Romulan X Cindy 99. Heavy stank, so strong trimming it can affect your sinuses and even your head. Dairy Queen texture is off the hook, ultra gooey and medium density, my tester Minitrkn420 says “the texture is what I like a lot, it's a superb bud" he reports the smell as sweet tarts and chewy candy. This strain was released to TGA testers and we could not be happier with the results. It has been described as Tropical Cheese by Happy Chief and everyone experienced amazing levels of resin production. It is not for anyone looking for a strain with low odour though everyone reports an incredible funk. The testers are blown away and long before we indicated the true parentage there threads speak of Cheesy smells and copious resin production. This was our goal with this strain and I am confident everyone that tries it will get a nice representation of Cheese with the added boost of Cindy. There was absolutely no sign of hermaphrodites even in the garden that received a great deal of stress! Flowering time for these cannabis seeds are 7-8 weeks. Dairy Queen tastes of Cherry Cheese and a very stinky plant and the high is relaxing and fun to smoke mainly due to its funky taste.

    That being said I have heard this isn't one of the best tga has to offer, but it has a good smoke.. :wave:


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