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dairy queen blizzards!

Discussion in 'The Great Indoors' started by speechless, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. what's your guys' favorites? i just tried the midnight truffle blizzard and may have jizzed
  2. Cookie dough ftw.
  3. ^^
    I'm with my man on that one.
    I always order a Cookie Dough Blizzard.
    Had my first Blizzard this year on a 90 degree day...
  4. Forget Dairy Queen! It's all about Carl's Jrs banana chocolate chip shake! It's heaven in a plastic cup! yum yums!

    In fact... might make a trip of it with the ol' bf and get one! :p

    Thanks for helping with my munchies.... ;)
  5. oreo or heath! but i have to have a fat glass of water with one
  6. I had a French Silk Pie Blizzard when I was staying with my grandpa up north for the summer when I was like 15 and I never had anything more delicious in my life. I got one down here where I live, and it was shit. People down here don't give a damn about quality anymore :mad:
  7. i just had one of those for the first time the other day and died of happiness.
  8. oreo cheesecake, so bomb

  9. They are so fucking good when made properly! Haha

    I want onnnnne in this new city, maybe it will be good!
    No one in my casa is up for blizzards though! :(
  10. I am totally up to nom on some mofuggin blizzards, got the munchies like a motherfucker:bongin:

    As for me definately something with heath in it, heath is so dam good:tasty:
  11. Banana split blizzard.
  12. I actually gought some "Dairy queen blizzard stuff oreos" yesterday. Pretty bomb ass oreos.
  13. I like the german chocolate and the chocolate covered strawberries (sometimes I'll do cherries instead) blizzards. My favorite thing ever from them used to be the "frozen hot chocolate", made with crackle fudge, with whipped cream and a cherry. Soooo awesome.
  14. maybe our dairy queens up here just suck but honestly i think their products are overpriced and dont taste that great. we have alot of family run/independent places around where i live that have alot better icecream.

    otherwise coldstone is the shit.
  15. I haven't been to DQ in an ill minute but I hear the banana split is amazing.

    I'll save it for the day I can smoke again. It should be a delicious T-Break/DT ender. :D
  16. oreo for damn sure. i dip ma frys in it to mmmm
  17. heath is the shit! yum yums!!
  18. Chocolate chip cookie dough
  19. Brownie Batter! Or I'll get my own with M&M and chocolate ice-cream :)

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