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  1. Hey everyone,

    I'm going to try my best to keep a grow log on here to record the experience and lessons learned with my first plant. Also hoping that something someday out of this log will help a future micro-grow person with their grow.

    Anyways, back to the good shit.

    Took and gutted a PC case I got off CG/Kijiji and surrounded the inside with mylar and have two 80mm exhaust and 1 80mm intake fan for air supply. My lights are 3 x 100w 6500k CFL with an 18/6 timing. For stealth, I gutted the PC power supply that came with the case and wired an extension cord to the power terminals inside and split that amongst the power bar/timer and the DC adapter powering my fans.

    Soil is an organic soil by a company called Holitec. That was the only organic soil I could find where I am at that wasn't MG (and the reviews for MG organic soil is horrendous.).

    Nutes is by a company called Power Growth and the one i'm using for vegging is a 10-10-10 NPK ratio. The quantity to water is "one pump per litre".

    My plant is currently in some dollar store plastic container because it was the widest one I could find that would fit in my PC case.

    The strain is what I believe to be 'popcorn' which from what I have read online, is an off breed of Big Bud or same thing with a short flowering period.

    My temperatures so far are staying at a constant 72-80 deg f and 35-57% humidity through the day.

    My seeds were gestated for 4 days and planted into the soil in a party cup for their 1.5 weeks of life. After 1.5 weeks into this plant (after it popped through the ground and had a leaf or two) I noticed the growth of it was stopped. Thinking it had used up the nutrients in the soil, I transplanted it into its current plastic container and 2 days after that, started feeding it nutes.

    Since the directions are "1 pump for 1 litre", I achieved 1/4 strength for starting by adding 1 pump to 4 litres of water. 2 days after the first watering with nutes, there was a lot of new growth. A new set of leaves started to grow and were greener than before. I figure the soil I purchase has next to nothing for natural nutrients so the poor girl was starving.

    Currently the pics below are from week 3 into vegging. I never took that many pics in between except in this thread when I thought I had some humidity problems (http://forum.grasscity.com/micro-grows/823259-got-humidity-problem-need-help.html).

    Other than that I think i'm doing ok for my first run through so far. My PH seems to be ok and the leaves where I started feeding this plant nutrients are looking great. Some in the pictures below aren't the best since it they grew when the plant was starving.

    Let me know what you think!

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  2. UPDATE: Week 6 Vegetation

    Well, so far so good. The young girl (I think) has been growing quite well and green, up to today. As you can see, i'm beginning to get some yellowing at the tips and I think it may be a potassium related deficiency, any ideas?

    Anyways, here are some pics of my beautiful girl and what I believe to be the sex of it.

    Any comments appreciated!

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  3. im guessing you lst'ed right?
  4. Hi hchris420,

    Yes, I did start to LST. I started to LST my plant at around 2.5 weeks into vegetation, and has been growing quite surprisingly well since then.
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    they're looking very healthy :)

    I think the slight discoloration on the tips is very minor nute burn...does it appear on most of the leaf tips...even towards the top...or is it just on the larger lower leaves? If it's minor burns it's nothing to worry about..it means you're feeding at almost exactly the right level and the plant will soon grow into it. potassium(K) deficiency will start in kinda splotches of greyish dryness on edges the largest lower leaves.

    not sure on the sex..i see a white dot behind the "spike" that might be a pistil? can you get a slightly clearer pic right where that spike is? if you hold a lens or magnifying glass over yer camera you can sometimes get clearer pics.

    edit: when you look at her count up from the bottom...and count up to the 7th or 8th node..this is usually the first place that sex will show so look for the fine white hairs right behind that dried "spike" ..since it's lst'd just check 7-8 nodes up on the thickest stems.
  6. Hi,

    The yellowing seems to be more dominate on the lower leaves, not so much the top. I'll try to water down the next watering and see what happens.

    Here are some more pictures of more nodes. I think I might be wrong, but really hoping not.

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  7. I'm still not exactly sure on sex..I always wait till I either see the lil white hairs or the hanging segmented ball. the little "claw" around the male preflower doesn't always form properly. Look for the white hairs..if you see them poking out of where I'm highlighting then it's female for sure.

    here's what I see:

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  8. sub'd

    did you top your plant at all?

  9. Yes, I did at the 3 week mark. But I might have over did it a bit maybe, not sure.
  10. Hey everyone,

    It's been a couple of weeks since my last post, been busy around here with house and work crap piling up.

    Anyways, the plant did get a bit more "browning" of the leaves but is still alive and kicking, and I think the sex is showing now. On the 18th of July, I switched over to my flowering bulbs (2700k warm CFL) and the plant just took off in growth. I think I may have held it back a little too long in the vegetation stage which might have helped out the browning a bit. Since then, new green leaves have developed and bud sites are showing. Still being an apprentice green thumb, I think I see the whites that Bongsauce was talking about and I believe I have a girl.

    I have also started another grow, this time in a cabinet. I will post more details of it later but for now there are some teaser pics mixed in. Let me know what you think all. So far, this is into week 7 in total (6 weeks vegetation, 1 week flowering).


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  11. sorry bud but that's looking male. It looked like I was seeing both in that last post...but those look like balls now. :(
  12. def a man. sorry broseph
  13. Fuck, that's what I thought. Well, time for it to burn. I have a couple of ideas that might have caused it to go the other way, (namely a 9 hour power outage or an exposed stem) but I can hope for the other two to turn out fem.

    Thanks for the input guys, it has been great. Keep an eye out for PC Micro-Grow attempt#2!
  14. Bongsauce, can I re-use the same pot/soil for the next plant or, is it advised that I get fresh soil?
  15. main concern is always bugs..if you had any bugs I'd ditch it.

    Otherwise it depends on how much the roots took to the soil...If the roots really didn't expand all the way though the soil then it's got nutes in it still. I know how times can be tight, I sometimes reused or mixed some lightly used soil in with my new stuff too, mostly for seedlings to get a lighter mix though. If there's roots "matted' on the bottom though then toss it.

    and the pot should be fine, just wash it and make sure there's no sort of soap residue left over.
  16. That browning looks like heat stress. I've had the exact same thing with my grow. Maybe try adding another fan or some more holes for ventilation? I've completely opened up the back of my case now (pretty much) along with adding a fan, and my heat issues seem to have disappeared completely. I'm only using a single 105W bulb, so 300W is definitely going to be causing some heat problems for you if you don't improve the ventilation.

    And yep, even though I'm a first time grower that's definitely a male :(

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