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Daily users

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by KB_124, Jan 8, 2003.

  1. So, do you daily users takes breaks that often? I decided it was time to stop for a few days to get my tolerance down (and to save a little money). It was a little more difficult than I thought. My mind is acting kind of fuzzy, and I'm a bit more clumsy these past couple of days..has this happened to anyone else? I also noticed that I get a bigger buzz after smoking cigs. Today I was very tired and in a bad mood. I think this might have to do with just getting back to school after break and working my job after school as well (14 hours a day combined) Pens are not possible for now...have to stick to pencils with erasers. Is this all just a coincidence, or have any of these things happened to you?
  2. im cranky.... i didnt get to blaze today cause i couldnt find my dealer after school... i went home... took out all the resin out of my bong/pipe + i had an unfinished bowl of weed left in my pipe... i put it together mixed it around a ready to feel goooood and realized i had no lighter and it was to late to get 1, im cranky :(
  3. 8 months that is more then a break! Dayum don't think i'd wanna do that one! I smoke everyday and occasionally there will be those dry days were ur dude ain't got it and u can't find anything but fuckin schawg and i don't buy that.... So yea i get pissed for a min cause it kinda sucks but I find sumthin else fun to do and i usually smoke more ciggs then usual! Tonite i gotta work, and then i gotta get a sac! So hopefully it won't be one of those nites that its dry! Cause I need some for tonite and need to stock up for the weekend! hell yea! where i am Friday is tomorrow!!!!

  4. You got that right Hatebreeder. It's all in the head....
  5. I smoke every day, but a while back I gave up for two weeks without really noticing :p
  6. longest ive gone is a week......and it was horrible
    i havent smoked yet today, dealer went out of town to get it and wont be back for another hour and a half! talked to him at 4, and now its almost 7
  7. The only breaks I take are if I run out. If I've got it, I'll smoke it.
  8. Well i decided 3 days was enough, and i smoked tonight. I first smoked a joint with another person, then another joint with 1 more, then another with another person joining! Needless to say i was very high and kept saying to myself, it was worth it. I think i will take a day or two off every week in order to keep my tolerance down (and cash in my pocket)
    wow i fucked this one up...
  9. I smoke only when I want to. I may go for two days to two weeks with out. It's not because I don't have any, just don't care to smoke any!
  10. yes these things happen to me. i felt more mellow too and as if life slowed down complelty. but you are gonna die- stop smoking cigs.

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