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Daily Tokers, Do You Find Your Memory Improves When You Are On A Tbreak?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by shroomkid, Jun 4, 2013.

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    Smoked every day for years and I was thinking of taking a month or so off as I'm having some troubles remembering stuff in college.
    My question basically was, people who have smoked for a while an then taken a tolerance break, how much(how noticeable) did short term memory improve in the first few weeks after stopping, or atleast cutting down drastically?
  2. I can honestly say, my memory stays the same for about a week, but if I take a long T-Break, which I dont do often, because I like getting high :p, My memory will get better and I feel "Sharper" almost.
  3. I agree with feeling "sharper" but I wouldn't say my memory increased. I smoked every day for about 3 months, took a month off and didn't notice any difference except for not feeling as groggy when I wake up. Just make sure that if you study high, take the test high because that's the only way you would remember the material. If you take the test sober, study sober. Works for me anyways.
  4. I used to have great memory, and when I smoke for an extended amount of time it was shot. I seemed to forget little things like my car keys and simple combination keys. I used to never have this problem before smoking.
    Now (on a tolerance break), it seems to have gotten better a bit.
  5. Yet another that agrees on feeling sharper. When I'm stoned constantly I sort of feel like life is slightly dream-like in a way. I wouldn't say it affects my memory per say, but I do tend to generally just have a terrible memory anyway. 
  6. Thanks for the answers! Guess I will just cut down and only smoke on evenings or once I've got my responsibilities for the day out of the way.
  7. Yes. I went on my senior trip this year, first time in well over a year being sober for four days straight. I had more energy, was more active, and my memory WAS better.

    Though, weed doesn't really drain me of too much energy, and I'll still be active while high. Just noticed I was more so sober then stoned. 
  8. I recently took something like a 2-4 week break for work. That's after about a year of daily use (though, not heavy use--I just smoke at night and on weekends).
    I didn't really notice much of a difference. If anything, I was feeling a bit "off" the first few days. I think my memory was actually worse, and I would frequently just space out. Then after 2-3 days, I just felt like normal again. 
    I'll be sober for 5-6 days this month while on vacation (not bringing weed with). 
    How often are you smoking? 
  9. I wouldn't go so far to say that my memory gets depleted or that I forget more things than usual. What I would say though is that I get distracted by cool stuff i see or cool stuff I'm thinking about, and the naturally that leads to me forgetting my keys on the counter or leaving my cat in the dryer longer than needed. I do agree with the feeling sharper point though. Always good to have a clean head for a week or 2 a year. Or not, its whatever.
  10. I think more clearly, but life isn't as interesting. :smoke:
  11. my memory is actually better when I toke regularly, but that may have something to do with my A.D.D.

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