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Daily tokers, are you addicted?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by wolfenwolf, May 12, 2011.

  1. Hello all;
    Now, there are no chemical additives in marijuana to make it addictive. But being human, we have observed how we can be a little compulsive at times. To all the daily tokers out there: does daily toking get in the way? any physical or mental sideeffects? are you addicted?

    On a personal note; I just bought 2 grams of some good stuff and am planning to smoke once in the day and at night. I am just reluctant, because I don't want to feel lethargic all the time because smoking wouldn't be worth the cost.
  2. No, NO! You can't be addicted to weed, that's like saying you can be addicted to masturbating. We do it errday because we want to, not because we NEED to.

  3. I daily toke.. But only at night... For some reason I like to save it for my nights / sunday. I feel like if you are always high than it just becomes the norm.

    No physical or mental that I can notice..
  4. Endo, you can't get physically addicted, but you CAN get mentally addicted.

    An addiction can simply be you wanting to smoke.

    You can be "addicted" to masturbation.
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    Being addicted means you have a dependance, not just for the fact that you like something. Am I addicted to tits beause I like them and want to play with them?

  6. Addiction to sex?
  7. We are speaking psychological addiction vs. physical now.
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    Fondling =/= Sex
  9. Its not addictive as many people say and seems to spark contreversy.

    But it is most certainly habit forming.
  10. Kinda like eating, imho. Gotta do it!
  11. Its a mind thing. Your mind wants to reach that higher state again, some call it an addiction.

    Think of it as your mind is a car. This car has NOS, nos runs out, this car feels like its not reaching its max potential, car WANTS, not needs, NOS.
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    Yeah I'm addicted.

    I can't wait to smoke when I get home from work. It's not like it's a bad thing. If I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY needed to quit tomorrow, I could.

    So I guess I'm not "addicted". I just love getting high.
  13. As i told me friend before, i have a cannabis addiction/dependence.:hello::hello::hello:
  14. I can stop, I just dont want to because smoking weed is awesome.

  15. No i dont feel addicted, my life goes on just fine without weed, Though it may be admitted its alittle more boring and less funny. But no I dont notice any real difference in my life besides the 20-30 minutes it takes to smoke then clean up.
  16. When you are young you are a fiend

    As you get older it becomes less and less like that, IMO

    Not addictive, extremely habitual though. Just like anything else...
  17. Yes is the short answer, and many people are in denial with the "Aw it's impossible to be dependent on weed" bit, poor reasoning in my opinion, I smoke every day, differing amounts, less than a g anyway. Jus because some days I don't toke till last thing at night (dubbed bed time J: another excuse to smoke, "it's routine") doesnt mean I'm not consciously aware of not smoking and actively deciding not to smoke all the time, so it's always in some form of control... Get me? So just because some people try to claim they ain't dependent by some definition A's they don't smoke constantly or whatever, doesn't mean your not thinking about it and deciding not to smoke, the thoughts are still there!

    Just my personal experience but after 5 years I have come to terms and accept that, yes I can stop without too much consequence, bar a few sleep deprived nights, if say I go on holiday abroad for a week or two. However, in the setting which I usually smoke, like my house, the thoughts are always there, if this makes for uncomfortable reading then you probably know what mean.

    Cognitive dissonance occurs when your behaviour isnt congruent with your attitudes, thoughts etc and arises in anxiety and generally uncomfortable worry. For example; you can change either your attitude( eg; smoking everyday is bad for my mental health) towards your behaviour (smoking everyday) to "it's ok because it de-stresses me and I love it so outweighs the bad" or you change your behaviour to fit your attitude such as cut smoking to once a week/month or stop.

  18. :smoke:Yes, Smoking can be Addictive. But it all depends on the person. I smoke atleast 2-3gs a day.. but thats just cause thats my routine. Wake up smoke a blunt. Go to work. smoke a J on break. Go home rip my Rasta RooR all night.. But I successfully, and easily take T-Breaks for 4 Months at a time so i get extremely high, and im responsible enough to know im not in the best position to buy weed as much as i used to. Some people cant handle it. and go broke smoking weed. Those are Addicted Stoners.
  19. well, haven't smoked in about 4 months due to probation

    when i was smoking daily, i was definitely addicted to it. i wouldn't get withdrawals or anything like that, but it was psychologically addicted to it. i would pretty much always be high or want to be high. loved smoking all day, at least a bong rip here and there to keep me a little baked.

    its no big deal now..i mean i had to quit for legal reasons, and had 0 trouble quitting.
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    You're just weak.

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