Daily Toker for 5 years. NO Apetite/bad mood

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  1. Hey guys, iv been smoking everyday since i was 15. I am now 20 and i wake up every morning w no appetite at all. When i smoke in the morning i start to dry heave. I can go the whole day with out eating unless im super high all day. Has anyone else experienced anything similar? Is this because i smoke way too much? I know overactive thyroid glands can cause loss of appetite n weightloss...no history in my family though. Any thoughts guys? Thanks
  2. Subbed, I wanna see the responses. Im always grumpy and i never eat. Hmm. And relate alot with how you described yourself.
  3. Welcome to addiction.

    Deny all you want, your brain is in control.

    Tolerance break my friend, and also work on disclipline. Next time your 'brain' controls you, fight back.

    Weed NEEDS you, not the other way around.
  4. yea i never eat too, and i kinda get mood swings lol
  5. Umm these symptoms are only when I'm on a tolerance break...

    Soon as I smoke it's all good, and it helps me eat a fuck-load to gain weight with the gym.

    But yeah Ive only been smoking daily for just over a year, I'm thinking you need a break haha. 5 years...
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    What MaxAmmo said. You've essentially rewired your brain to account for cannabinoids. When you toke, you're replicating (albeit with much greater intensity) an effect the body produces naturally for itself.

    Tough it out for a week.
  7. You are probably experiencing the effects of marijuana's psychological addiction.

    If you take a T break, you will be good as new in about 1-3 weeks time. The first 3 days after quitting will be the hardest, but just resist. Marijuana is addictive, but not physically. Therefore it is just a case of mind over matter.
  8. Ugh dude!

    You need a reality check Bro!
    When I was at Uni i felt the same way. I would need a joint in the morning before I could eat. Seriously ... take some friendly advise and quit. Get some exercise to get back your appetite and go see a doctor for a full check up.

    Hope you are keeping well
    Kom :wave:
  9. Weak people make up excuses.
  10. Thanks guys. Today is day 1. I cant stop cold turkey so i figure one sesh a day to start. I usually smoke 8grams e d. So huge change. Any advice? Thanks again every1
  11. Be strong and want better with yourself.

    The more control you have, the better!

    I've cut out fast food, wasn't easy, but shit, money is accumulating in my wallet!

    Baby steps if you need to, I did cold turkey.

  12. Wow you smoke 8g everyday?

    Thats more than most tobacco smokers smoke
  13. 8 grams the fuck i smoke nearnly everyday and enjoy it but i wouldnt even enjoy smoking 8 grams a day. i think a t break is mos def in order.

    good luck bro
  14. Take a week or two of a T-break
  15. srsly best thing I can suggest for you is to plan out shit to do everyday.

    If i'm busy w/ stuff it helps me break if needed.
  16. I don't eat a lot either.
  17. 8 gs a day..... How do you even get high? At my most I was smoking 2g maybe 2.5 a day and it would take like 2 huge bong packs to get me high for about a hour. Just cut back to a bowl in the morning then one at night. It Will work wonders for you, trust me, that's what I did instead of taking a t-break.

    Less is more. Never forget that.
  18. How many glasses of water do you drink a day? Compared to soda or beer?

    I was like that for a while and dropped everything but beer and water. LOL. But i was drinking about a liter in the morning and a half an hour or so later my stomach would be growling for food. Water is essential to digest so, the more protein etc, the more water you need to help it along.. Hence your dry heaving.

    If you DO drink a lot of water, T break is definitely in need lol ;)
  19. how much do you exercise? I saw the same problems (daily for 7 years) before I started exercising daily.

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