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Daily smoker, stopped for 1 month, smoked and chest hurt really bad

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by JoshuaSmokes, Oct 5, 2019.

  1. Okay heres the deets.

    I have been a pretty avid cannabis smoker for a few years almost daily the past year or so.

    I do not / never have smoked cigarettes, i do however like to roll blunts so i guess some tobacco is there.

    I stopped smoking cold turkey and about after a month i decided why not have a bowl, knowing i would be blazed and really enjoy the type of high i wanted. I DID NOT ENJOY IT.

    About 10 minutes after I smoked 2 bowls, my chest started hurting really really bad. (I did take what was a normal sized hit for me before i quit, held it in a little, and let it out)

    I also had drank some alcohol (Side note: i hate alcohol but since i wasnt smoking i would have a couple shots maybe once a week just to enter a non sober state)

    Honestly, i knew i didnt want to stop smoking weed forever, but now im honestly kinda scared to smoke again.. maybe some answers on why my chest started hurting so bad would easy my thinking. Due to being scared about my chest, it made my heart start beating so fast and hard

    I dont have any heart conditions, never have... never had any illnesses, didnt have bronchitis or anything like that.

    Something else that may be a culprit, i recently might have pinched a nerve in my back due to a workout injury (still dont know if this is the cause, i just know the symptoms of a pinched nerve). Could that may be why my chest was hurting after smoking. If so, i can wait til im all healed up.

    Any answer is helpful. Thx in advance
  2. try smoking again and see if it hurts again. if yes ask a doctor.
  3. I say its a "typical" low tolerance story............I mean if I quit 12 hours, my next puff gets me extremely nice.......30 days and it can be too much for you..........
  4. So, i smoked again tonight. I took way smaller hits and only smoked one (small) bowl. It put me right where i wanted.

    I guess I just had overdone it. I forgot to mention i had used matches to light the bowl last time... this time i used a lighter. That also may have been why. Ill never use them again.
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  5. Never use matches to light anything you're going to smoke.. it makes the smoke taste like shit dude lol
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  6. Unless you let it burn for a few seconds...........then that "chemical" that was used to help ignite it......dissipates.....SHOULD taste ok at that point.....................................but I totally get where you are coming from!:passing-joint:
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  7. I've never lit marijuana via a match but I've smoked cigarettes lit the same way & it ruined the smoke :laughing: it just tastes exactly like a match smells when you put it out but with a few more chemicals :sick::laughing:
  8. Guess i was Guinea Pig for anyone else thinking matches is a good idea. I guess i was inhaling those chemicals and probably irritated myself. Thx for the help yall fr. I was scared i was going to have to quit smoking for good.
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  9. You'll be fine dude people used to use matches for years before lighters where invented :laughing: I know people who have used them from when they first started smoking & they're all okay:confused_2:
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  10. I used to use a lighter but I then I switched to bees wax/hemp rope and it’s kinda now ritualistic to use it. ^^ Do you think it’s also the quality or even type of strain? I once smoked a Blue Dream and wow my anxiety was through the roof. Another Blue Dream didn’t effect me at all like that! In your post, “I smoked two bowls in 10 min” (I apologize for not quoting, just made an account today and I don’t know how to do that lmao) do you think that’s too much for someone with a tolerance? You mentioned you did use quite a bit so I would assume your tolerance is not as high as it used to be.
    I wonder if some anxiety has part with the chest pain as well? I mean anxiety from the bud and liquor combined. I wonder if the alcohol and perhaps too much thc has something to do with the chest pains.
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  11. You could be having chest pains because of acid reflux/heart burn.. that can feel like you're having a heart attack :laughing: try cutting alcohol out of your diet to see if you still get it:confused_2:

    Strains can definitely effect how you react person to person.. for example cheese is great for me & makes me feel good but it could cause you to have a panic attack/anxiety attack or it could make you sleepy ect

    In some cases marijuana just isn't for everyone.. my sister & mother both tried it once & they hated it how they felt but I love it & my dad used to smoke it before I was born:confused_2::laughing:
  12. That’s just your lungs kicking your ass for stopping.

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