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    DrugWarRant / Pete Guither / 10,18,2012

    I was asked about the appearance of Eugene Jarecki on The Daily Show on Tuesday, promoting his new movie: “The House I Live In.” I hadn't had a chance to check it out yet, so I appreciate the heads up.

    It turned into quite an interview with a lengthy extended section for the web only (both sections embedded below, hopefully. If you have trouble getting them to work, go right to the Daily Show site).

    Stewart started off a little shaky, trying to inject some humor in ways that felt a bit forced (and you could tell he realized it), but then the interview started working, with Jon playing devil's advocate and giving Jarecki good openings to not just talk about the movie, but about the entire drug war and criminal justice system. And I thought Jarecki did very well, keeping the discussion on track and not getting thrown by anything.

    An awesome interview that should be required viewing for every legislator and policeman.

  2. I saw it and thought it was a fantastic interview. I'm pretty interested in seeing the movie now, even though it would just be preaching to the choir. We need more people like that guy trying to expose the massive failure that is the war on drugs.
  3. That man is quite the figurehead for legalization...I like 'em :D

    Very well spoken, one of the best anti-prohibition point of views I've ever seen

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