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    Thought I'd start a thread to help whoever decides to read :wave:

    Everyday I'll give some words of advice.. and a daily health tip.

    "Your mental state should always remain calm. Even if some anxiety occurs, as it is bound to in life, you should always be calm. Like a wave, which rises from the water and dissolves back into the water, these disturbances are very short, so they should not affect your basic mental attitude. If you remain calm your blood pressure and so on remains more normal and as a result your health will improve"

    Upon waking be sure to drink at least 12 oz of fresh water to get yourself going. Start everyday with breakfast. Make it simple. Try and get a good serving of protein and fruit in your breakfast. People who don't eat a well balanced breakfast are more likely to pig out on junk food (munchies anyone?) later in the day.

    PS if this in the wrong section... my bad! please move it! :D
  2. word to that! :laughing:
  3. Exercise an hour each day.

    Don't eat fast food or other processed foods that are packed with preservatives.
  4. a multi vitamin and a vitamin C are great additions to your morning breakfast too, breakfast really is the most important meal of the day
  5. Nice additions, guys :)
  6. "Smoke weed. Every day."
  7. Don't get mad.....get paid.
  8. Don't make dinner the biggest meal of the day. (hard to do if you still live at home)

    Eat six small meals a day instead of 3 big ones.

    Try to fit in a moment of no stimulation whatever. Turn off the tv, computer, stereo and do nothing for 10 minutes. It's much easier to think clearly if images and sounds aren't being blasted into your eyes and ears.
  9. hug a/your dog.

    & help sustain another life.
  10. Taking a 1-2 week break from the herb will clear your mind, balance your brain's chemicals, and will make your next high stronger.
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    dude my dog hates hugs and itmakes me sad

    edit: but it doesnt stop me heheh fuck u dog i want to luv you
  12. Subbed!

    Try and make someone smile/laugh or cheer them up- side effect is you end up smiling, laughing or being in a better mood too!
  13. it takes 43 muscles to frown:mad: and 17 to smile :)
  14. [​IMG]

    He's jacked.

    Good words of wisdom. I live a very healthy lifestyle but it took quite some time to become adjusted to it.
  15. When you wake up remember to streeeetch!
    Remember to get your daily dose of omega 3. You can eat hemp seeds (great source for omega 3 & 6)!
  16. eat 30 grams of protein upon waking (or shortly after) to get your metabolism started and push away that "i hate mornings" feeling

    drink tea instead of soda. if you must have sweetener in it, use honey

    and a cold shower before bed makes you fall asleep faster than a warm shower will :)
  17. Be sure to smoke at least one helping of the green everyday.
  18. Eat slowly and chew a lot before you swallow food, it makes you realize you're full sooner and prevents overeating and indigestion.

    Use natural brown sugar instead of that refined shit.

    Eating celery burns more calories than it takes in (Doesn't make you feel good, but it's useful if you're looking to lose weight :p)

    If you're trying to sleep but can't relax do this:

    Inhale (through your nose) for one second, exhale for two (mouth)
    Inhale for two seconds, exhale for four
    Inhale for three seconds, exhale for six
    and so on. After you've inhaled for 7 and exhaled for 14 seconds you should feel pretty chill.

    Then, while still lying perfectly still, flex a muscle quickly and immediately relax it. Try to do that with every muscle in your body.

    Ultimate body stone, it's a chore to move anything after that.
  19. An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

    It takes more calories to eat an apple than there in the apple itself.

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