Daily driving a 1985 bmw a reality?

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  1. So, im looking for a new daily driver with low maintance cost and I came across a 1985 318i bmw for 1500 bucks. Has 157 thousand miles on it, new clutch and garaged. Guy says its ready to be a daily driver, but my father is saying stick with american. Personally, I think american used cars in my price range are going to be shit. Im going to college so money is tight, would I be dumb to go and buy this car?
  2. If you want something that will drive FOREVER get a Honda or a Toyota. American cars suck. The BMW doesn't sound horrible, depends how much you believe the guy ya know? You should always bring a car you're looking to buy to your mechanic first.
  3. Alright, so I should definetly bring it to a mechanic then. Is it worth it for a 1500 dollar car? From what ive read online, the tranny and engine are pretty bullet proof, but that's all I really know about it.
  4. If you don't know how to work on cars then yes, it would be dumb. That old and that many miles for that cheap has surely some issues that need to e worked out. docleary is into older bmws he might be able to give you some good advice an problematic issues to look for before purchasing the car. IME; Audi, BMW, Mercedes and other higher end cars are much more expensive to work on and not many are willing to work on them even if they are older models. I would look around your area for a shop that will. It may end up being a great daily, but I doubt it will without a little work first
  5. Yah BMW's are built to last a long time. And yes it's definitely worth it. If the owner of the car is truthful about it's condition and being ready to be a daily driver he shouldn't have a problem with it getting checked out.
  6. Thanks for the responses. He said he bought it from the northwest 5 years ago on ebay and put 37k on it in two years driving up and down the northeast. It's been garaged for 3 years and only driven 1600 miles. It needs the breaks bled, air in them, and rear roters and the power stearing is a little stiff he said. I have a friend that can help me with the simple stuff like that.
  7. Well, im going to take it for a test drive tonight. Any thing I should feel for when testing it out?
  8. Yes lots of people dont work on old foreign cars and just about any place will work on an old truck. Im not saying look for a truck. Make sure you drive it hard in the test drive and try and do as much as possible. Go through all the gears check all the electronics on the inside to see what works. I was once but a truck with new speakers but cruise control was ripped off.
  9. I called around, and a couple places near me will do the normal maintance on it, such as alternaters and struts and such. They warned me about engine lights though, they said those are a bitch.
  10. Yeah I guess
  11. What about insurance? Can you lease a brand new car for $100 a month? If so do that.
  12. Insurance will be insane for me, over 300 dollars a month most likely. Im 19, male, 1 accident when 16, rear ended the daughter of a state trooper...careless driving ticket.
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    Check out the price for new brake rotors....just checked and they are pretty reasonable under $30 each...
  14. yeah i have an '84 318i and have been daily driving it since february or march. 157k miles is nothing, but i think the '85 318i has drum brakes on the rear, discs up front. i know mine has drum brakes.

    they're great cars, i love the m10 engine.

    p.s. the power steering is not necessary.
  15. get the timing belt changed!!!

  16. m10 has a timing chain.
  17. So I took it for a test drive last night, and it was smooth as butter. He is the second owner of it, he has all the orgininal paperwork including the bill of sale! We let it idle for about 10 minutes while I checked it out and all and then we took it for a ride. Drove very very smooth. Shiften like butter. He has paper work for the clutch being replaced, along with the radiator and water pump about 4 years ago. Im having him drop it off at a local mechanic of my choosing and have them run through it. Pretty excitied!
  18. dude if it drives as sweet as you say, its worth every penny (given it isn't rusted out).

    thats an e34 in your avy isn't it?
  19. [quote name='"Weasel King"']If you want something that will drive FOREVER get a Honda or a Toyota. American cars suck. The BMW doesn't sound horrible, depends how much you believe the guy ya know? You should always bring a car you're looking to buy to your mechanic first.[/quote]

    Almost ALL American cars are shitty. Get a Honda or Toyota like this guy said. BMW's are good too a lil more to fix and shit but if you like it and it runs good and shit it should be fine.
  20. Yeah that was a 1991 bmw 535i 5 speed , had 227 thousand miles on it before I got ride of it haha. Was like a weekend car for me, got it for 500 bucks! When it was first purchased from bmw (the e30) it had the undercarage sprayed with that truck bed liner stuff, so the undercarage is virtually rust free, however the wheel wells all have a decent amount of surface rust on them.

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