Daft Punk - Random Access Memories

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  1. Great fucking album. They're not really my genre to listen to, but I really dig their latest. The last I ever heard of them was "Around the Word", and I remember it tripped me out back when I first saw it.
    I listen primarily to rock, but I can get down with this album. And I love the fucking robot helmets!

  2. That first song "Give Life Back to Music" kicks ass. It's like a time machine back to the late 70's and early 80's.
    And that song "Instant Crush" makes me feel like I'm in the Flash Gordon movie or Star Trek, hehe. Good shit!
    Oh, and we can't forget about Giorgio!
  3. love this shit

  4. This album rocks man. I love Doin' It Right!
  5. Best tracks: Touch, Get Lucky, Giorgio, Fragments of Time

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  6. This album is fucking dope, I love it so much. I can't stop playing get lucky.
  7. I'm gonna get stoned and have my first listen, i need some inspiration right about now anyways!
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    Holy FUCK. Who needs unmentionables when you have 3:19?!?! Close your eyes and listen to that part.
  9. Yo - I just discovered "Homework" and this shit is fucking HARD.
    After listening to rock for 21 years, this shit is refreshing! And I'm late as hell to Daft Punk.
    It's like this: The only thing I have ever enjoyed about rap is the beat (specifically the cool sounding instruments droning in the background and how each song sounds so different thanks to the synthesizer).
    But with this genre, it's good beats without the negative fucking lyrics. And I am not even big on the style of "spitting" in the first place - no offense. And I'm not comparing Electronica to rap, but there are some similarities due to the synth.
    Good shit. I wish I would have discovered this back in the 90's. But I've always been a late bloomer... :D

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