Daft Punk (Coachella Set)

Discussion in 'General' started by Lebowski, May 31, 2006.

  1. Hopefully some of the people who read this are Daft punk fans, even more hopefully some went to Coachella festival, where they played their last live performance.
    Anyway the set they played there was absolutely incredibly amazing, the remixed all of their songs together, from their whole discography, even dropped the Busta rhymes remix of technologic.
    So... point of this thread: I found the whole set recorded to mp3, so i've had it on repeat for 3 days. If anyone wants to hear this bomb throw me a PM. Ill try to get a megaupload or something.
  2. +rep I love daft punk I am listening to them right now they are so good I wish I could have seen them in concert.

    Heck yea that would be sweet with the megaupload of all the songs.
  3. I have had this for just today and its amazing. I was at coachella 3-4 rows away from the stage smoking a j dancing my ass off with two fine binnies, i dont think i have ever had a better time in my entire life. Do you have it split up into seperate tracks by anychance?

  4. Not exactly, but we made a cue file that sets a new track every 5min, if I can ill batch it with the upload.
    I have to go to class right now (morning) but this afternoon ill upload it!
  5. Whats the song where its like the music sounds better with you, love life bring us back together?
  6. I fucking love daft punk sooo much.
  7. Best part is this break down, and theres the "Television Rules the Nation" vocal, and then the 3rd time its "Television rules the nation... AROUND THE WOOOOOORLD"
  8. heh i live in coachella and imo they ruined the coachella fest by putting maddona on the stage over from tool

  9. Yeah seriously, that bi0tch butted herself into the lineup at the last minute. Im sure she whined as to why they didnt invite her.
    Some other DJ had his set ruined by a gay ass MC who was singing "buy it use it break it fix it..."
  10. wish I had been there. oh, man. woulda been AWESOME.
  11. yeah Daft punk is fucking great man:hello:

    please do upload it and post the link or just pm me with it if you got time.
  12. Ok im gonna start uploading in 1:30min.

    Im so stoked! My friend is giving me a free E for getting him a copy of this WOOT! Roll this weekend!!!!!

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