Dads taking my stuff

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  1. So earlier this week my parents found like all my shit. MFLB, grinder and a quarter of some Sour D. They weren't too angry about it because my dad used to smoke and shit but my mom got kinda pissed. Anyways I was in my dad's office today printing something out and I went into his drawer for a stapler and found like all of my shit in it. Even my chillum which they took away last summer. I dont know what to think of it because I just figured they flushed the tree and threw all of the other stuff out. Like what other use could they get out of it? Do you think my dad maybe smoking my stuff he confiscates from me? Should I just take some of it back in like little amounts? I just don't get why my dad would continue to keep this stuff in the house.
  2. confront him
  3. Take his shit, duh
  4. hes probably going to give it back to you when you move out?
  5. Yeah he's smoking bro, lol.
    Why don't you just ask? Now don't confront them going, "why're you smoking my god damn waaaad!!!"
    Just be like, hey man, if you confiscated it, whys it in the house?
  6. Your dad smokes, has all this time and is currently smoking your shit.
    Don't do anything, you smoked weed under there roof now it's there's dude. Be more careful next time.
  7. Talk To him!
  8. Have sex with his wife. That will show him
  9. [quote name='"Alrex"']Have sex with his wife. That will show him[/quote]

    I can assist.
  10. He's probably smoking your shit as I type this.

    I remember the first time I got caught, my parents took 2 bowls and a gram of dank. A few weeks later, around 11 at night, my house reeked of weed.

    And it wasn't me lol

  11. Sorry skunky, I usually agree with you but not this time.
    Just b/c its under their roof doesn't mean they get to confiscate his shit and keep it. He payed for it, they may have found it but he was under the impression they were throwing all that shit away. I don't think its fair, more like hypocritical to find out that your dad smokes...and on top of that, hes been using YOUR shit you payed good money for. The least he can do is come clean and tell you, I'd be hella pissed at my dad if he did this. Sure I'd be happy he was toking...but with my stuff? Nah. If he asked, sure. But secretly? Nah, thats just like stealing or 'borrowing'.

    Confront your dad.
  12. You'll probably get it back when you're older and head off to school.
  13. Eh... Ask about it, only with ur pops tho, since your Mom obvi isn't a fan.

    IMO He prob kept it bc he gets why you like it and stuff, he is just trying his best to look out for his son, his child.

    Just talk to him about it, be a man and just see what's up. If he wants to keep it to use, just tell him, "That's cool dad, I get it, trust me - I get it, no problem. Oh an if you ever need any more I have a friend who was hooking me up.. just let me know dad, sorry."

    ..then just walk away, the balls in his court if he wants it.
  14. Take it all at once. He wont say anything about it because that's a really awkward conversation if he's smoking it himself....

    To be sure of that, just take a picture of it then next week compare the amounts and see if he smoked some.

  15. Yeah, let's think about this for a second. He's under their roof. Who paid for that? His parents. If I had to guess, his parents pay for most of the shit in his life and have since he was a kid. If you're living in your parents' house, they can do whatever the fuck they want.

    I really don't like this entitled view that people take with their parents. If my kid is breaking rules that I set for my house, that I've paid for, after paying for his shit since he was a little kid, and then confronts me about it? I'd be pissed. He can start paying for everything, then. If you think that just because you made a little money on your own that it's yours to do whatever you want with, you're sorely mistaken.

    Just my rant.


  16. Hmm fair enough, i actually agree with you i think he should confront him without the desire of his shit back, more for his dad to admit he smokes to. :confused:
  17. rig the pieces and stuff in ways so he wont know but you can check back to see if hes used any of your stuff then take it from there

  18. Uh, yeah, it does

    ESPECIALLY if OP is under 18
  19. [quote name='"WildWill"']

    Uh, yeah, it does

    ESPECIALLY if OP is under 18[/quote]

    This, especially if it's illegal

    Illegal drugs and para under his roof
  20. I remember when I was in like 10th grade my parents found my pipe, grounded me for a month, got a new one, they found it, grounded me, got a new one my jr year my mom found it with cat nip (aahaha for my cat.) and didn't do anything, they basically accepted me smoking pot to an extent. My parents got divorced I live with my mom and I was looking through her purses for spare change (I asked if I could first) and I found two of my pipes I was so happy :D. I neglected to tell my mom cuz she went out of town then like at dinner I told her I found them and she was pissed because she was going to sell them to my cousin >;l.

    ANYWAY in the end I lost all of my pipes... one of em got taken away at a courthouse ( I didn't know they searched bags -.-) but they didn't do anything. another one I sold it to my best friend for six bucks so I could get cigs (it was free so it was profit either way) and the last one I traded it for unmentionables.

    yeaaahhh anyway just take it and confront your dad if you're 18+ it shouldnt be a problem and if he tokes or used to he should understand.

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