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  1. just informed my dad I no longer wanted to live with him any more and I was planning on moving to Colorado as soon as possible, he said, "why so you can get some pot?"..i said maybe..he got mad as hell and told me if I leave for Colorado not to ever bring my ass back around him ever again, I told him I was sick of his goody-goody rules and he will no longer tell me what I can and can not do and furthermore I told him that if I wanted to get high every day till I died it was none of his shit here is not good right now, he just threatened to take away my computer and the tv cable and I could enjoy only watching one channel....THE NEWS....I told him I was tired of listening to him complain about me every single day and a lot of other stuff...he just told me to go fuck ....boy will I be happy to leave.....

  2. Well as soon as you turn 18 move on out.
  3. I'm with your dad on this. Also you sound young.
  4. Priorities. Look it up.
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    You can't expect your father to support a weed motivated move to Colorado when he's not a legalization activist or stoner himself.

    To him you might as well be moving to Uganda to smoke drugs.
  6. Your lucky he is just mad. Mine is dead.
  7. Timeless tale of inter-generational conflict.
    It usually works itself out.
  8. It's normal for parents to want their kids to succeed in life. So if you're entire reasoning for moving to Colorado was weed, I'd be made at you too (and I support marijuana). Unless you have an education or at least some sort of trade skill, you'd likely end up flipping burgers in Colorado. And the way it sounds, you're not at that point.
    We all know how much it sucks living with parents, but when you do take those first steps of being on your own, having some family support can be an immense help. So just realize that despite how annoying he may be, he's probably just looking out and wants the best for you. Suck it up and stop burning bridges before you even cross them. 
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    If your father ever approaches you in a menacing manner and tells you..."I'm pissed off !!"
    Look him straight in the eye with a very serious look on your face and say to him..."It is much better to be pissed off, than to be pissed on."
  10. I have shit relations with my dad too.
  11. youth    that's pretty funny  im 34 soon to be 35..lmfao and im not moving out there just because its a legal marijuana state  I need a change of scenery and I hear the hunting is out of this world not to mention I love to hike and bike and just enjoy the great outdoors I have been in this one stoplight town long enough its time I get some more expiriences under my belt  after thinking on it I guess the old man said he understands how I feel and he said if that's what I want to do then by all means to do it   I explained to him that he cant look out for me all my life and that at 34 years of age I should be able to make up my mind about what I want to do and bygod thats what I intend  to do.  I have quite a bit of time to save enough for the move so I figure by may at the latest me and little dodge Dakota will be heading on out that way..our house is getting foreclosed on so we have to find another place to live/rent I reckon I will take the time to help him get settled in whatever place we find before I leave  
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    Well... I have nothing more to say then. 
  13. It seems like you are in the wrong. You sound pretty young. If you're living with him and he doesn't like you smoking pot in his house then you shouldn't. It isn't that big of a deal.
  14. I don't have any more family after dad dies it will just be brothers  no sisters  no aunts uncles  ..just me......
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    Move out then asshole you should have been gone years ago!   :laughing:

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  17. Neither of you sound like you are acting like mature adults at the moment. I suspect there is a heck of a LOT more going on than you are talking about.

    OK, so you are going "run away" to Colorado. How will you support yourself? Do you have enough free money to rent a place? (Check Craiglist for an idea of how much you will need (first and last month's rent and the deposit) any job prospects waiting for you? You, and hundreds of kids like you, are ending up homeless and hungry in Colorado chasing a dream.

    Do you even have your own car? "Daddy Dearest" won't be paying your insurance and car payments any more, so do you have the cash to cover that?

    Do you have any marketable job skills? Flipping burgers doesn't count.

    Do you know anyone in Colorado? Things are a lot harder without a friend or two!

    So what's up with dad, anyway? If he is threatening to take away your computer, it sounds like he is treating you like you are under 18, or just turned 18. And why is he so against cannabis use? Has he fallen for the old prohibitionist myths? (gateway drug, causes cancer, etc) if it is just that, sometimes education will work (IF you stay calm and don't act like a little kid!).

    Here are a few myth-busting articles from "Granny Storm Crow's List"- they may be helpful-

    When Your Kid Smokes Pot (news – 2008)

    Teen Pot Smoking Won't Lead to Other Drugs as Adults (news - 2010)

    Twin study fails to prove 'gateway' hypothesis (letter - 2003)

    No 'Smoking' Gun: Research Indicates Teen Marijuana Use Does Not Predict Drug, Alcohol Abuse (news - 2006)

    Study of 4000 indicates marijuana discourages use of hard drugs. (news – 2008)

    Merck Manual - Marijuana (Cannabis) (excerpt - 2008)

    Deaths from Marijuana v. 17 FDA-Approved Drugs (Jan. 1, 1997 to June 30, 2005) (report - 2009)

    Popular intoxicants: what lessons can be learned from the last 40 years of alcohol and cannabis regulation? (abst – 2011)

    Tobacco-Related Health Costs: $800; Booze-Related Health Costs: $165; Pot-Related Health Costs: $20 – Any Questions? (news – 2009)

    Pot-smoking students better at school than 'marginalized' tobacco-smoking peers(news – 2014)

    Surveys yet to link medical marijuana and teen drug abuse (news - 2014)

    Harvard: Marijuana Doesn't Cause Schizophrenia (news – 2013)

    If you want a copy of the full List (1,400+ pages of links like those), just check out the bottom of my sig and email me!

    Hon, ONE of you NEEDS to act like an adult. It doesn't look like it is going to be your dad!


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