Dado's UNIQUE Scrog Lemon Haze Grow Log

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Dado, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. I continued this from My UNIQUE Non-Conventional Grow Design many pics thread because I didn't want to post updates on my "grow" in a "Grow Room Design" forum, If I make changes to my hardware, I will post them there.

    This was the beginning with 5 plants, I killed the weakest looking one because I only wanted four...... 3 are Super lemon Haze and 1 is a Queen Lemon Haze

    Below is a starter tub with (5) four inch airstones attached to three air pumps


    Below is where I'm at as of 3 days ago, I'm using:

    Scrog System
    GH Nutes in a hydro system

    Micro, Grow and Bloom, with Technaflora's Sugar Daddy and Awesome Blossom

    Lights Are: 40 Chinese Screw In LED bulbs that were hacked to be mounted on a supported pegboard with 7 philips 1400 lum fluorescents

    18 liter nutrient reservoir with an additional 20 liter backup reserve for mixing the nutrients (you can see this setup as I built it in my signature)

    Currently I just switched over to 12/12 seven days ago, I will post more current pictures later today

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  2. I checked out the set up thread, very nice. What do you expect to yield?
  3. Just stopping in for a sub.
  4. I've done this before with this setup, (no scrog, no LEDS or CO2, which I'm using now) just using 25 100w CFLS and I got nearly 8.5 dried ounces (I know sounds Crazy, but it's true) That was OG Kush,

    So now, it's anybody guess,
  5. Stop by anytime.....mi casa es su casa ( I knew H.S. spanish would come in handy one day)

    This is where I'm at moments ago, I cant tuck no more leaves, so this is how it will be, (I dont want to trim anymore top leaves, all the bud sites are getting more then ample share of lighting)

    I can tell you this because it's hard to see, that every branch sticking up has a minimum of 3 flowers, , some have 6






  6. Your setup is so ridiculously bad-ass!!!

    Your girls must feel like they're on the Vegas strip! :hello:
  7. nice work brother whats the space ur putting all of this in?
  8. Thanks, I give my credit to Walt Disney, when we went to "Tomorrow Land" at epcot, his hydroponic gardens , triggered my creativity.....OH Yeah ! Vegas Baby !

    The actual scrog area is 2 X 3, the entire apparatus is 6 feet wide and again 2 feed deep , the height is just 7 feet from floor to cieling, ...the lights and the scrog cage are adjustable to compensate growth, I can go from the top of the cylinders to touching my ceiling with the light fixture
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  9. Im sure you mean 100w equivalent, your supposed to go by the "actual wattage" which on the 100w is usually like 23w. My last plant I had 202 actual watts of CFLs and pulled 3 oz from 1 plant so I def believe that. It's actually amazing how well CFLs work.
  10. Yes, I meant to say 26w , compared to a 100w incandescent bulb, but the heat was too extreme , I wouldnt do this again , if I had to use that many CFL's ( though the yield WAS exceptional)
  11. Ha, that's more useful than my H.S. French! I realized our grows are pretty close in timing. I just flipped mine like 4 days ago, even though yours are certainly larger.
  12. Trust me when I say, ....I'm practically giving them steroids nearly 1500ppm .

    I devised a nute calculator using Excel and can mix a formula that will always come up to an exact PPM/PH for any volume, ( can even take an existing PPM/PH and correct it to a necessary formula) my calculator is far superior then anything supplied by manufacturers, ....I used it last time when I hit 8.5 ounces (dried) with 4 plants.

    I've used it with General Hydroponic Nutes and Technaflora, (Though I wont use the techanaflora method any more) .... I swear by General Hydro
  13. Damm Hichhikers....Don't know where he came from considering I'm indoors, But I hear Ladybugs are good for the plants...So I'll Let him Live !!!

  14. Subbing from the design thread. Glad you got some ladies under that light storm! Im stoked to see the outcome :wave:

  15. 2 ounces a plant is quite nice, were those the same size as you have now? And everyone loves ladybugs because they eat those little suckers called mites.
  16. You and me both, (and I'm sure a few others)

    I always see benchmark tests with name brand LEDS, but never a comparison with the chinese bulbs, (Of course I over did it). and not to say that this was is cheaper, ( I did get a sweet deal on the lights practically pennies on the dollar).

    I see on ebay that to buy these lights would be about $17 each X 40 ???...whats that , OK dont tell me...$680 plus another 100 for the fluoros, so $800 for the light setup and carpentry.

    But it will be good to see how they stand up to other well known LEDS, despite, my going overboard.

    Thanks Dado
  17. This is the FIRST time I've attempted a scrog, ...before I used my pipes to grow 4 OG Kush plants, ...My god they wouldnt stop growin....The went to 4 1/2 feet tall (with (25) 26 watt cfl's) and had many many buds, So I dont know how these plants will fare against the OG . I was surprised to see the ladybug, never seen them in my house in 15 years
  18. My first plant was only about 14-15" tall and I was able to get an ounce of it using LST which basically has the same end goal as Scrog. I had my first LED array I built and 8 26 watt CFLs growing that one, so I think you may get yourself a nice fat yield. You probably have a much higher light density than I had for my first with your current set up, which is great. What is your estimate on harvest date?
  19. Though the scrog is 90% full, the penetration is breaking the leaf barrier and lighting up the table underneath with a greenish (leaf) hue, so I know I'm getting excellent light penetration.

    My first dirt plants were about 16 to 19 and I knot about 1 oz each from them *they were also cfl's (never tried any other light) .

    Not really concerned with a date, I' am shooting for the perfect trichome combination , They may even speed up with these lights (who knows) ...(or may even crash and burn :eek:.

    After this , I'm immediately throwin some "Lowryder 2" auto seeds in the setup (60 day start to finish)
  20. Very nice setup, will be watching this thread on the out come.

    Also funny you showing a pic with a ladybird in ur grow, as i found one in mine the other week and is still in there now.

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