Dad Turn Off Lights!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Keep It Green, May 17, 2010.

  1. Ok so i went out of town for the weekend. i left everything on fans lights etc. and my dad came in the day i left and turned it all off.( but he must not mind cuz he hasnt said anything) xD so the lights were off for 2 days. they are 2 weeks old exactly today. will this make them start to flower?? :confused:
  2. this would probably be a good time to start flower.

    But first you need to go talk to your dad and make sure he is cool with what you're doing. It's his house, right?
  3. But the thing is i want to clone the two i have to see if they are male or female first.
    Yeah ill end up talkin to him about it sometime this week. yes it's his house thats why i wanna make sure its cool with him.

  4. You can clone in flower. Before week 3 without any issue, after week three takes a little longer because they have to go back to veg, but I have successfully cloned all the way up to harvest.
  5. O ok thanks. i guess ill do that :D thanks.
  6. If i just stick with the vegging hours will it cause it to become a hermie?
  7. Not necessarily.
  8. o and how long till i can clone my plant? as mentioned before im 2 weeks into my grow
  9. you can clone it as soon as its big enough, as soon as it has enough chutes or tops, id suggests topping or fimming it, as this will creat more bud sites, and easy to clone.

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