Dad thinks Im a "pot addict"

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  1. I dont know what the fuck is wrong with my dad. He calls me a "pot addict" ever since hes found out that I smoke. He talks about weed like all those fucking TV ads. At first he lied to me about his smoking experiences by saying that he never smoked weed, then few months later, he admits that he has but it scared him. And just recently I found out that he has been lying about smoking because I found his ciggarettes and lighters. i dont know what the fuck to do. He says that he wants me to "live a great life" and "have a successful career" and that "pot" will ruin that. Ive told him how tobacco and alcohol are far more danerous than weed, but hes says that thats because im a drug addict and what I say is just lies. Its so fucking depressing. And the thing is, the only drug I have ever tried was weed, I have been smoking for 3 years and all I have touched is weed, not even shrooms, and I dont even use tobacco.

    anyone else have some similar experiences
    can anyone suggest what to do?
  2. Keep smoking and he'll get over it once you prove that you can be successful, trust me I went through the same thing
  3. next time you see him call him a "tobacco addict" and a "propaganda addict". :smoke: :laughing:
  4. i hear ya man, my parents call me a drug addict and whatnot. i used to be bothered by it, but i just sit in silence now.(it makes them even angrier) i'll be gone in 5 months.
  5. I'm afraid your pop's is a deeply ignorant man, just like many of our parents...
  6. Unfortunately it seems like there's not really anything you can do. It sounds like you've already tried talking to him about weed but it also sounds like he already has his mind made up about it, and if he won't listen now, odds are he won't listen later. The only thing I can suggest is just wait it out man.
  7. When my dad found out he called me a "doper," a "dissappointment" and pretty much a "loser." He sucks when it comes to weed....
  8. WTF is wrong wit u kids. we have a weapon stronger than lil words, its called the net. theirs many articles by legit scin labs taht prove weed is way harmless than booz and cigs! 10x worse infact. show him tons of articles and youll be set!
  9. yea, he calls me a "doper" too. the crazy thing is, when i began smoking 3 years ago i would say to myself, "man, my dad would love this, my dad must to have tried this" then he finds out and it all goes downhill.i mean the guy was in his late teens early twenties at the height of the 60's. i just dont get it. why are some people like this?
  10. that is awesome your dad wanted more info about it

    unfortunately i know my parents are against drugs and i will have to keep it a secret or basically be disowned
  11. Same here, I told my parents that i only tried it a few times and that i dont like it to try and get them off my back. But i believe i have screwed myself because if there is another time where i get caught, i will be forever a disappointment and be like hated by my parents, because my older sister went down the path of hard drugs. It started with her smoking weed and my parents were way chill about it, not caring if she did it at all. Then she started getting into pills and other shit and totally fucking everything up for me.
  12. My dad used to hate me for smoking pot, but ever since I found out that he did cocaine every once in awhile when I lived with him, I don't. He's a total FUCKING hypocrit, I hate his guts.
  13. most of our parents are from the baby boomer gen right? so that would mean that most of them did drugs in the 60's and 70's right? so what the hell is wrong with these people?!
  14. fried brains.....can't remember the good times
  15. If you're still in school, keep your grades up and show them that it doesnt actually 'mess'you up.

  16. thats really good advice
  17. my dad calls me a fuck up i dont know why, i get good grades
  18. ask him... if it makes such a huge impact on ur life etc and is so bad y did it take him 3 years to notice it?
  19. It's a bitch when people vehemently refuse to accept that you can actually smoke weed and not fail/lose everything else in your life.
    I have this problem alot. It sucks greatly. You just need to try and ignore whatever they say, cos if you know yourself that smoking doesnt make you a loser then you don't need anybody else's assurances.
  20. My mom smokes with me and my dad has always been on a don't show don't talk policy on drugs with me. It's pretty tight.

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