Dad Tells 4-Year-Old Cocaine Is Candy

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  1. NJ Police: Dad Tells 4-Year-Old Cocaine Is Candy

    NJ police: Dad tells 4-year-old son cocaine is candy, boy shares drug with friends at day care

    NEWARK, N.J. September 19, 2009 (AP)

    New Jersey police say a 4-year-old boy shared cocaine with his friends at day care because his father told him it was candy.

    Newark police say 25-year-old Shaheed Wright of East Orange put several baggies of cocaine inside his son's jacket after police nearly caught him with it. The boy shared the drugs with three other 4-year-olds at his day care center Friday.

    A teacher spotted a girl with a baggie in her mouth and called authorities after seeing the white powdery substance.

    The children were taken to a hospital, but none were injured. Police found more baggies of cocaine after searching the boy's pockets.

    Wright was charged with four counts of child endangerment and drug offenses. He is not listed in the phone book, and police do not know if he has retained a lawyer.

    NJ Police: Dad Tells 4-Year-Old Cocaine Is Candy - ABC News
  2. I read that in the news today actually. Kinda dumbass on his part. You shouldnt leave expensive drugs out for children to get hold of. Its one thing to tell the kid its candy, its another to let them get it in their hands, on purpose or not.

    I would be fuckin PISSED at this mother fucker if my kid got that shit in school like that.
  3. I would unleash hell on this fucker if his kid gave my 4 year old son or daughter coke..
  4. Holy shit, people are fucking disgusting.
  5. I bet those kids had a hyper day of preschool!

    Also, dad is a fucker, etc.
  6. I swear I've read this story like years ago, at least a year, unless it was the same story, different occasion. I think the story I'm thinking of involved show n tell though.
  7. Imagine if the cops sent the 4-year-old to juvie or something with possession with intent to sell :devious::eek:

  8. Eh, its probably not TOO uncommon for a kid to get their hands on someone stash by accident. People are irresponsible as fuck.
  9. If someone gave my fouryear old coke i'd probably kill them. that's so fucked up on so many levels.
  10. That is a terrible story =/
  11. yeah the kid brought weed or coke for show and tell... HAHAHAHA i remember that shit.

    oh and yah the dads a douche bag yadda yadda ect.
  12. kids bound for greatness. He could make a rap album with the experience he already has. And oh yea his dads a douche yadda yadda ect. Damn some people need to be neutered
  13. The said day:
    "Son, this is what we call a hustle."

    The next day:
    "YOU DID WHAT!?"
  14. His kid probably found it and asked what it was then he forget it was in the jacket.

  15. throughout my rhymebook every single page adored
    dude i was doing coke at the age of four :D
  16. Those kids will be like, "Well when I was four I did coke, so ha!"
  17. Damn.
    This story is messed up though. Poor kid is going to have his dad taken away from him. I feel bad for the kid, man. His dumbass father should lock his shit up better, if he's going to do that shit. Sucks.
  18. I know this shit has happened many times before, But thats fucked up. Kids eating coke n shiet, C'mon. Thats fucked up.

    If my daughter got some coke because of some fool like this, Id prolly be in prison.
  19. wow just wow

  20. I dont think it was by accident, it says that he put it in his sons jacket.

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