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Dad smelled my breath After sesh..

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by kanadiankush28, Oct 29, 2014.

  1. Hey i was pulling a fat sesh and when i finished i chilled then went to have some food. Ok so i go upstairs and then get out 1 small chicken pot pie/ shepards pie (very small amount), and I ate. My dad was there but everything was good, then he asked me something and i told him, and he came closer and said my mouth smells like smoke, like u smoked. i told him it was the burnt chicken pie, and it was very hot, as of now its all good. Ok so my question is how would my breath smell like if i didn't eat anything? And how did my dad smell it as, like a cigarette, pot, etc. Aight any help would be great.
    - kanadiankush28

  2. Me personally.
    My breathe absolutely stanks afterwards. Not like pot or smoke. But just smells awful.
    What I do I just have a throat lozenge and a lot of water.
    I'll brush my teeth before I leave the house.
  3. After smoking weed you will reek of it. Resins will cling to your hands and mouth. Also your dad is not stupid, your pot pies smell nothing like cannabis. How did he smell it you ask... with his nose 
  4. At least he didn't french kiss you. 
  5. wtf
  6. How would resin cling to my hands when im smoking pure cannabis? And I drank good water before going up.
  7. He has a point. You might be posting on n.a.m.b.l.a's website then. 
  8. Ever smoke from a bong? it leaves resin. Ever smoke a joint? your roach has resins all around the paper/filter. Do you look when you smoke? Try mouth wash next time and soap for your hands. 
  9. smoke in general clings to you.
    ever smell bong water before?  think about how it's made.
    smoke. water.
    your mouth has the water, and you're suckin' in the smoke.
    you're gonna smell like weed after smoking no matter what.
    pop in some mouth mints or something.
  10. Also if you havn't looked in a mirror your eyes are most likely red as the devils dick. I'd suggest eye drops. 
  11. #11 kanadiankush28, Oct 29, 2014
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    Naa, my eyes never get red, always white like usual
  12. That's pretty white. Considering I'm half Irish half Norwegian. Oh was that meant to be an insult? Some little kid smoking in his parents basement isn't going to hurt my feelings lolol. Go drink some more water. I'm sure it'll work better then my mouthwash advice. 
  13. Lol little kid? Wasn't an insult, and water is best. I'll rather have some nice 5 berry gum then mouthwash.
  14. #14 MagnusD, Oct 29, 2014
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    Go ahead but it wont be nearly as effective. Mouthwash will strip away the remnants a lot better then chewing on some gum. Not that it wouldn't be better then downing a glass of water. 
    Also nice edit on the white comment. Directly below it you are quoted though. 
  15. I bet you any money the dude meant to say "white as usual" but made a typo. And you're immediate reaction was to get all bent out of shape thinking it was some lame half-assed insult about your skin color, though OP is probably white too.

    I agree with the mouthwash advice though, gum isn't going to mask the scent of smoke very well. Back when I was a kid I used to put peppermint essential oil on after a sesh and it masked the odor incredibly well.

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  16. why would your father smell ur breath?
  17. If I'm wrong about it being meant as it was written then I apologize. I just hope the OP doesn't truly believe "Water is best" like he stated. Hopefully that is another typo seeing as it's what he used before his dad called him out on it. 
  18. Your dad's not stupid mate, he was your age once lol
    Chicken pie....plleeeeaaaasssseee, you would have been better just not answering him at all lol
  19. Put it this way, he would be far more concerned if your breath smelt of sperm lmfao!
  20. Dude. He knows. Let's be honest. He probably doesn't care. He was your age and there's a 99.9% chance he's smoked pot before. He probably just didn't want to call you out while you were high :D

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