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Dad says friends and I are gluttons.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Dee93, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. Yes, he's ALWAYS bitching about how much bud my buddies and I smoke. I personally go through at least 2gs a day of dank. Then a buddy of mine comes over and smokes me up when I get off work. I don't just pass out, I stay awake and do shit but I like to keep a consistent high after work. Makes everything more enjoyable. We've blown through 1/4's in a sitting. So really what I'm asking.. Is it this Generation i guess? I'm 18 and I just graduated, and there's not a person I know who doesn't smoke like this. I spend anywhere from $120-$200 on dank a week. A 1/4 will last him a month. I just can't conserve weed like that.
  2. i did that when i was in high school. then i realized i was just spending too much money. i smoke about an ounce a every 4 weeks now.
  3. are you excessively fond or, or always eager to smoke weed? if so, you are a glutton, if not, then you arent. Battle your dad with semantics haha.....
  4. Having a full time job making $14 an hour with a paid off car it's hard not to lol. I just enjoy smoking
  5. My dad is the same way haha. I break up a bud to cheef in the bong and he'll be like "that'll last me a week!"
  6. Lol I think is our generation. All of my friends, myself included, smoke that much too.
  7. I'm not into getting chased out of every public place by the cops here, and it's too hot outside to do anything, so really theres nothing to do except sit around and blaze up with your friends. I mean yeah I'm gonna smoke a lot lol
  8. Wait until you make above 25$ an hour man. Than it becomes a much larger amount of weed you smoke. However I have my own supply sitting around the basement now :/

  9. What job do you have?
  10. I have to make a gram last me a week, Sometimes 2. I always buy dank tho.
  11. Youre not a glutton, you just enjoy pot.

    would your dad still complain if you grew your own? Itd be way cheaper for ya...
  12. no wonder everyones so broke
  13. I dont get how people can physically smoke this much. I smoke almost everyday, and sometimes more and I find an 8th lasts me nearly a month or so.

    How many bowls do you pack in a sesh?:confused::eek::confused:
  14. The word Glutton makes me lol. I'm cracking up at the title but idk why.

    Damn my immaturity!
  15. i wouldn't say your a glutton i would say you smoke to much, idk about you but i smoke some really potent bud and after about two bowl's i can't get any higher so sitting around smoking weed once i've reached my peak makes no sense and just seam's like a waste. i usually smoke an eighth every three to four day's
  16. It depends, by myself... 3-6, idk, until I feel high. It could be a tolerance thing, for the past 2 months I've been smoking everyday. I've tried tbreaks, but when friends are bringing over free dank it's hard lol.

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