Dad just took my stash

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    What a dick.
    I just bought 5 grams of some very good creeper last night

    Seriously, i have never had weed that smelled like this, and the high was unique.

    He took my nice ass sherlock pipe too!

    Guess i need a new hiding space. Any of you guys have any really clever stash spots?

    Edit: Just bought some more creeper, and a new pipe from a friend.
    I guess it doesnt matter now. But i gotta find somewhere smart to put this now.
  2. Hide it in your dads room

    Last fucking place he'll look in the entire house.
  3. I have a old vcr, its about 4-5 inches tall and 1-2 feet wide. I took all the componets in the inside out and threw them away because its useless, i can store water bottle bongs in there, my acrylic bong, almost a pound of weed, my pipe, lighters, everything, and the top slides on and off but you have to do it right, the only way i could get caught is if my mom picked it up and moved it around and heard the stuff rattling. But my xbox 360 is on top of it right next to my tv and i make it look liked its connected and she dont mess with that stuff. Been using it for months after i got busted twice, i can hotbox my room and hide my shit and leave for school and she cant find it :D

    i get mad mad mad mad dank bud and it doesnt smell either. You should try to get a vcr like mine, you could find one for like 5 bucks if that at a yardsale or something i bet.
  4. I hide half my shit in my bean bag all in pill bottles, film bottles and my pipes are in socks. As far as papers, rollers, cigarettes ,lighters, whatever i leave laying on my table or just in my drower. They don't care i smoke "Cigarettes" but the worlds coming to an end if they find bud. Whatever, i keep it on the dl and they dont seem to mind anymore. Also, you can hide like an eighth in a trophy and doesnt reek to bad.
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    Move out!
    An apt is the best hiding spot ever.

    I usually hid my stash in a round mirror that opened
    when you twisted it, (only I knew it opened) or
    in the crawl space in some weird barn toy, pop the
    top, drop it in. My mother never ever found my shit.
    Fuck that. She only found a pipe once but I always
    cleaned it after I smoked so I was like "Yeah so what,
    obviously it's never been used."

    but seriously move out.

    Stolen bud is not cool.
  6. pull out ur bottom drawer see if theres somewhere under it u can throw ur shit in then put the drawer back in. sry about ur loss i have yet to b caught because pf my suggested hiding spot
  7. Another place is, some lamps have a nice wide bottom, and u can get the top off and back on. My computer is newer and it slides open easy, you could easily hide shit in there but if you hide bud in there make sure its not just in a baggy because would get dried up faster or something.
  8. if u have any empty wall sockets. idk like in my room theres a "blank" outlet cover thats solid and just covers an empty socket box.
  9. If he orders a lot of pizza, your weed has been properly disposed of.
  10. up your butt dude
    if it works in prison it will surely work in your house
    nahhh honestly tho hollowing out electronics works perfectly i hollowed out a bass speaker everything fits in there
  11. get one of those bowls full of different spices like cinnamon, leaves, and dried oranges and stuff like that from bed, bath, and beyond or something. just put your herb in a baggy and hide it in the bottom of the bowl. no one will ever look in there and the smell from the spices will cover the weed smell.

    or you could put it in the pot of an artificial plant. just make sure it's not real so your mom won't find it while she's watering it or something.
  12. You shouldn't be worried about a hiding spot, you should be worried about getting your weed back.
  13. The weed and the pipe are long gone. My dad doesn't smoke, hes not cool with it, and does not approve.

    he hasn't said anything yet, but i know he took it because i asked if hes been in my room and said he went in my closet to get some of his clothes. Didnt mention the bud and shit, but it wasnt really well hidden, just sitting in a box in my closet so he probably smelled it.
  14. mollywhop the shit outa him with a wrench till he gives your weed back
  15. coolest spot ever is inside a smelly marker. on the back of a smelly marker is a white cap it like a starburst desighn and its hard to get off. i usually use scissors or something to open it. once opened its usually easier to reopen it.

    once open you take out the ink tube and pull out the tip. clean out the inside and insert the tip of the marker back in, but leave the tube out. you now have a hollow smelly marker, that still writes. you can stash quite a bit inside and it leaves your stash smelling fresh if you pick the blueberry scented markers. you have to use the style of marker that a smelly marker is. some highlighters have this style of tube, but there are many different styles of highlighters. using this storage method is very good because where else hide something but in plain sight. makes any stash smell like blueberry yum yum.. mmmm

    If your dads never even tried weed before, he might take a hoot off the stash he stole off you. its not uncommon for a parent to be curious about what all the deal is about weed. i know for a fact that if one of my buddies mothers saw us smokin it, shed ask for a hit.

    funny story, i went to this chicks house and her mother asked me if i wanted to smoke a joint with her. i should have...
  16. I hide my shit in a safe, that I put under my bed. You cannot access under my bed unless you lift the mattress. I have a Ikea bed frame, so I lift the corner of my mattress up, place safe.. and its a wrap.

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