dad just found 10 plants

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  1. my dad works in real estate. he just bought a house and he told me he found 10 plants that look like marijuana. no flowers yet just leaves. i still haven't seen the plant but i told him to bring back a leaf so i could see if it was.

    today he brought a leaf but the fucking shit was wilted as fuck. i spread it out and it has 9 points with the smell almost like sage. At the beginning i thought it was some kind of spice but what other leaf has 9 ends to it?

    you think its some mary jane?
    i told him to take a picture of the plants itll prolly be the deciding factor.
  2. If they're indoors, its MJ for sure, if they're outdoors and doesn't have buds then it's not MJ, outdoor plants would have started budding a month or two ago.
  3. your sig has 9 points, bro
  4. Just think, what guy grows "sage" in a potentially abandoned house

    Almost definitely mary jane
  5. Japanese maple?
    I think those are just 7 though, heh.

    Probably weed, go with your dad one day and see:smoke:
  6. There was one of those Japanese maple trees on the front lawn of one of the houses I grew up in. The leaves looked just like MJ with 9 points but in a dark amber colour instead of green. A few of those and a zip lock came in handy for schoolyard shenanigans during middle school. ;)

    At OP: Provide us with a picture, I would love to see it.
  7. :hello::hello::hello:

  8. [​IMG]

  9. i feel so loved... ;_;

  10. It was just one of those things that somebody says, and you're just so baked, and eventually you understand the world.....:D
  11. NO idea what you're talking about. i want some of what you're smoking

  12. I remember finding one of those bushes at my grandmas house back when I was like 13, I chopped that shit up and soaked it in tequila thinking it'd get me high. Needless to say that failed, was a good way to get acustomed to an apple pipe tho :cool:

  13. Come to my town, drive to the other side, pick up some no name, crazy "hood good" and report back to me in ten minutes.
  14. just go there and see if its weed or not? lol
  15. OP is too high.
  16. hahahahaha i was ripped when i made this completely forgot just piffed again and remembered this shit

    pics will come soon i havent went to the house to see the plants since shits far away and im a lazy fuck but i told him to take pics since well know for sure and shit you know

    nah but seriously, if this shits bout to grow me a nice 10 lbs of weed imma be hooking up mad people with free o's hahaha im shreded rite now the thought of that much weed is too much for me to handle at the moment
  17. The F.B.I has your I.P

  18. the 3 firewalls and 5 proxies im behind seem to say otherwise

  19. IT's BIG BROTHER MAN I'M TELLIN' YOU! :hippie:
  20. Haha.

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