Dad has orange kush!

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  1. So I was at home today and my dad wasnt home and I needed some rolling papers for a small joint of shake, and so I go into my garage and into his stashbox and am about to grab the papers when I see his jar. He always has it in there but I was feeling lucky so I picked it up to see about 5 grams of orange kush. He had one giant bud in the middle of the jar that was about pinky length. I thought my weed was so much better than his before but this shit it just amazing. I grab some and its the most fresh green and tons of orange hairs on it and its got millions of crystally trichomes! (or however you spell it)

    I smelt it and it smelt exactly like oranges and so Im sure, Ive never had the strain before and I pinched a bowl worth which Im saving to share with my best friend cause hes dry. Although I might just share my shake cause its a small bowl.... But yea, Im really mad about my dad and I think Im gonna just admit I know he smokes and get him to sell me some of that shit. Or even better, give the dealers number.

    (By the way, this will be my first strain smoke!)
  2. why wouldnt you just ask him for it? he's your dad, would he really stoop to selling to his son? i mean make dinner for him or something. dont buy from your dad.

    my opinion aside, thats fucking awesome.
  3. Haha good point, I think Ill just be like I need to borrow some cheeb and then later on make him supper haha or just smoke him back.
    But it is awesome. Sadly I broke my pipe and my bong has some problems so Im gonna need to use my friends acrylic bong for it or just wait a little.
  4. thats fucking awesome man!!!!!:hello: ive never seen orange kush , hope some comes through here soon!!!, see my dad was the first person i smoked with so his stash is my stash so im never dry, see we use teamwork and split the cost so we both never are dry and both always got dough, you should ask you dad bout doin that
  5. Haha sounds awesome J-Rich, you must try it, it looks beautiful, I really appologize for no pics, but my sister has only digi camera in house so I couldnt get any, but it probably is the nicest ganja I have seen, and the first strain I will try that I actually know of.
  6. I used to smoke with my dad too, but he usually just had ground up leaves mixed with a little bit of bud. Don't know who he got his bags from, but it wasn't quality stuff. I always ask if he's coming out with me to smoke a joint, but he's denied it every time since a few months ago. Must have quit? :eek:
  7. pictures dude!
  8. Your dad knows good quality. I love me some Orange K. Here is a purple variety I had a while ago... top part was purple and inside was orange.


  9. LMAO I think you beat me!!
    But this shit still is good, and yeah my dad does have good taste now, sadly he obviously has a better connection than me.:(
  10. Haha htis is a lot like my friend who takes his dads weed also (only a lot more) Over the time of about 5 weeks, he's gotten like 3 grams. It's damn good bud too, B.C chronic I think it is.
  11. ahh good ol' BC bud.

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