Dad gives 2 year old son battling brain cancer medical marijuana

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  2. Fuckin great man.
  3. wow man, if weed is able to give this 2 year old his future back, ill be goddamned if its still a shedule 1 drug.

  4. Stories like this make me happy... but at the same time they piss me off ;/

    edit- the reason it pisses me off is due to it being illegal, obviously ^^
  5. haha the funniest part of this story is the comments
  6. Fuck yes, Good for him!

    Story made me a happy guy. Good for that family! i would love to donate to them!
  7. fuckin stupid ass doctors...they almost killed a kid

  8. The comments are so funny. The names are too, "Rational Thinking", "Informed", "______isanidiot"
  9. oh cannibus...
  10. Why the fuck is marijuana illegal again?

  11. Too many political reasons/fears/excuses to count

  12. It heals too much and costs too little.
  13. Awesome and amazing story, way to go dad!
  14. Fucking GREAT story
  15. Mary Jane ftw
  16. That's beyond amazing. Not just that his cancer was cured, but that it's still illegal.
  17. lol I hadn't read the comments until now but they are pretty funny
  18. it'll whip out tons of drugs that you don't need and you can smoke (eat vape whatever) and its easy to get ahold of

    So stupid

    But its amazing that the kid is cured. MJ 1 Doctors 0
  19. I have gotten to this article on StumbleUpon at least 4 times in past couple of days. That's so good! Stories like this will help people see past the lies of how it turns you into heroin-addicted serial killer.

    I 'like' every article like this that I stumble on, anything to get more people to see stuff like this. I suggest people do the same.. let the blind see

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