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dad confronted me about smoking pot

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by folied, Jun 10, 2009.

  1. im so happy. my dad confronted me while in my room about smoking pot, because he caught me earlier in the week. He asked me how I got it, how much I've been smoking, how long , I told him that I am responsible with it and don't drive under the influence ect ect and he said that he would prefer that I smoke in the backyard, and my friends can join me!!!. He said that all his friends smoked back in the day, and while he never smoked himself he knows that it isn't really as bad as its made out to be and as long as I'm responsible he is cool with it.
  2. Right on man good for you, life is so much better, and the high will be better for you now too, knowing your dad is ok with it. Happy toking.
  3. damn, you are one lucky dude. toke on!
  4. I went through a similar scenario with my parents. Gratulations!
  5. THATS GREAAT:smoking:
  6. Nice!

    I plan to talk to my parents about it one time.

    Next bowl's to your awesome dad. :smoking:
  7. BEAST!

    see if he will allow you to have a bong? if u dont have one already!

    so its healthier :p
  8. Your life is about to get so much easier. Fuck. David Ortiz just hit a home run against AJ Burnette. FML.
  9. dude thats sweet, your worries will be less :)
  10. Veryy lucky.
    Took me like 2 fuckin' years for my dad to finally let me smoke whenver and wherever.
  11. You're a lucky fucker, lol... Congrats, though. That's cool that your old man is cool with it :)
  12. that isnt actually true it just cools the smoke
  13. Nice one man!:hello:

    If only my mum was like that haha :D
  14. Gratz man.
  15. QFT..

    There are even studies that show it may concentrate some of the harmful gasses... And also, the smoke passing through water evaporates a good bit of the water... Too much moisture going into your lungs can be pretty bad...
  16. Wow that's awesome man :hello::hello:

    You should be very appreciative that your dad is so understanding especially since he's never done it(according to him :rolleyes:) :p...

    My parents are cool with it too but they never said "you should smoke at home because its safer"... More like "keep it away from your little sister and dont smoke in the house"... So yeah they basically just tolerate it lol

    Good luck tho man and dont abuse your new privilege.
  17. thats good shit to hear man. :smoking: Atleast your dad respects it unlike some parents.
  18. I say celebrate by inviting a few buds, roll a blunt and have a bbq.:smoking:
  19. Yeah pretty much as long as I don't smoke around my little brother or sister, or my mother I can smoke. Think I'm gonna go get some fold out chairs and just sit in the backyard and smoke a few bowls while looking at the stars. how awesome does that sound hahah im so excited
  20. my dad would beat the shit outta me if he knew i smoked haha

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