Dad caught me smoking weed (sick story)!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Brantley, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. My Dar caught me smoking weed!! And it worked out much better then I expected to be. Anyways, my dad has a stash he gets monthly a whole oz, so I usually borrow an 8th from it..anyways today I made a home made bucket bong, I went out back and tried it out, took 4 hits..then my dad randomly showed up..he grabbed my weed off the ground..he started smiling and was like "is this my weed"? I kept choking up..I was like don't tell mom. (btw my dad is a total stoner) then he said he won't and he just started talking about it..he didn't interrogate me or lecture me at all..we just had a cool convo about weed, bongs, and like he told me he first started when he was around 14 etc..u was insane! Then he handed me back my piece and the weed and before he left and said I owed him $40 hahahahahaha!
  2. Fucking dope.
    You prolly shit bricks when he walked in.
    Real nice of him to not only not tell your mom, but give you the weed you STOLE from him.
    Badass pops:smoke:
  3. yeah dude. you need to pay your dad back. I would beat my kids ass if they wanted to steal my weed
  4. That's the kinda Shit im gonna do as a dad.

    Pardon me, I gotta go and impregnate some bitches.....
  5. Haha yea dude ill be respectful and pay him,
  6. [quote name='"Brantley"']Haha yea dude ill be respectful and pay him,[/quote]

    just try to get a better deal and throw in with your pops so you get a good share at discount price

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