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  1. I was wondering would it work if I open my tank and drip melted dabs in it would I get any affects?
  2. What kinda tank?
  3. Its made by smok

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  4. Yeh me and my friend used to do that all the time just use the rda thing. So load up the dabs on the coil then go to temp mode and set it to 315-450°F and you can also soak the coil in a little juice for flavor. After that screw everything back in then fire it up take 5 to 20 second inhale and you just took a dab.
  5. My vape only let's me change the wt
  6. I figured out how to change the temp
  7. The Rosin it just sitting in my vape oil in the tank and it's not working ??
  8. I don't vape, but I'm assuming you need to put on the actual element, or atomizer, not in the tank itself. Even if you melted the rosin to liquid first and put it in it would solidify and probably just float on top of your other liquid..

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