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Dabs with out a rig?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by 4pawsbmj8, Feb 3, 2014.

  1. hey GC what's up?anyway I went up and got my pot for the month and my guy threw in a little bit of oil in my bag. I have about a thumb size piece of oil or wax? and I don't have a vape pen or oil rig system for my bong. how the best way for me to smoke it?I tried putting some on top of a bowl but it just like shriveled up into a ball instead of melting on the bud like I hoped. Any suggestions or tips would be very help full at this point.BasedgodDank
  2. pack a bowl of finely ground up bud. put a lil dab on a pen or thumb tac or whatever. hit the bowl so its nice and cherried and then dab into the cherried bowl
  3. Hot knife it. If you have coils on your stove. Stick 2 knifes in the coils and turn them on. Then get your dab ready. When the knives are red hot remove them, and put the dab in between them. Make sure you have a hoot ready in your mouth when you have the knives ready. Maybe just dab the oil onto one knife, never hot knifed before. A hoot is some device that you can use to suck the smoke up, one end wide the mouth piece small. A paper shaped into a small cone works well. Or you could set the knife down, throw the dab on, and cover the setup with a 2l bottle with the bottom cut out and a slot for the knife. Then use a straw to suck the smoke out from the bottle by slowly lifting the bottle to allow the straw a place to fit.
  4. You could melt it with a lighter for 1-2 seconds and roll it all over a paper or tobacco blunt wrap.
    Or when it's lit you can touch it under the cherry and it'll burn right on there.
  5. tinfoil & straw will be the easiest way to still vape it unless you have a meth pipe on hand.

    failing that you can just sandwich in between bud and accept it wont be as efficient
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    This is what I did for about 2-3 grams of wax before I got a rig and worked flawlessly every time.  I got one of those small titanium screwdrivers that come in eyeglasses kits (5 bucks at walmart).  Then I got a dab on it and if it was too brittle I heat the screwdriver up with a lighter for a bit and it stuck to it easy.  Once it's on there hold it at a 45 degree angle over the bowl with a little weed in there. and light the screwdriver about a couple centimeters above where the wax is and leave the lighter on there but don't actually touch it to the wax at all just close enough to heat up the screwdriver and make sure your hand holding it is all the way at the end.  It will heat up the screwdriver and then the wax will drip down in one single drop on top of your bowl of bud.  Then while it's still hot and melty get a lighter and lightly touch it a couple times while breathing in until it catches fire and just hit it really slow while still touching the lighter to it every once in a while. and you'll have the dab and the hit of weed.  Just make sure to cash it in one go and it'll feel just like a dab.  
    It's a bit of a process but well worth it and once I got the hang to it It was just as easy and effective of taking a dab today because, the same as a dab all the wax was smoked in one hit.  I don't mind smoking without a rig one bit with this process
    Oh and careful not to burn too much of the weed before the oil is gone just try to get the oil.  It sounds hard but I did it every time. 

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