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Dabs with no tolerance

Discussion in 'Tokers Q&A' started by REALDRILL, Jan 12, 2018.

  1. Can anyone explain there experience with dabs with no tolerance if you do have a lil tolerance thats fine to just wanna read some experiences with dabs.
    Was it couch locking? if so explain how strong it was and was it nice
    Did you see stuff? please explain if you did
    Were you able to do stuff like complete task if someone told you to go to work or school
    How enjoyable was it?
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  2. I remember my first experience with dabs. It will couch lock you, if regular bud doesn't make you see things neither will dabs.

    Prepare for a nice time watch tv/movie. Don't plan on going to work or school that day

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  3. Never done dabs but i imagine if you have 0 tolerance to weed it'd end up like this

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  4. I'm fairly new to dabbing, about a year in, lifelong toker (since 1968). I started slow even though I had a tolerance built up. Dabbing is just different. I likened my first day of good wax to a hit off a vaporizer it was so smooth. Do one small dab at a time and give it time to come on before another dab. Go slow and enjoy a new experience! And, plan on taking the day off!
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  5. Small, tiny, itsy fuckin bitsy dab for your first time. It can be out of control overwhelming if you do to much. You could easily dab yourself into an extremey fucked up experience.
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  6. My first time taking a dab, I didnt really have a tolerance. I had smoked before but it was about once a week and I hadn’t smoked many times. I didn’t even know what wax was when I smoked for the first time. My friends just had some and told me to take a hit. So anyways, I took one hit and it was the worst hit I’ve ever took lol. I felt terrible for 10 minutes. But once that was over, I was so high. I wasn’t really couch locked though. I was swaying a lot and it was obvious that I had never been that high before. It was super fun though and I would love to be able to get that high again. To answer your question about being able to do normal tasks... no I would not have been able to do a normal task like go to school or work

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  7. i have a gnarly flower tolerance but im a lightweight with concentrates. 1 small dab and im on the floor coughing and then going to bed. no shame in it.
  8. OH MY GOD WHY DID THEY TAKE THOSE DABS SO FUCKING HOT, it was still red good lord!

    Well OP, my recommendation is make sure you do not take a dab that is red hot like the dumbasses in this video, it will make you cough your face off/possibly puke and you will not have a good time.

    Start with the tiniest dab possible, as small or smaller than the tip of a pencil. Just make sure you let your nail cool down for a bit after torching, every nail is different, some need 30 seconds to cool down, others take over a minute. Just don't take a big glob your first dab or you will have a bad time, I dab every day and if I try to take even a .2 dab I am dying
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