Dabs Vs. Flowers

Discussion in 'General' started by Max Dose, May 23, 2013.

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    Hi :) 
    I've been getting a steady supply of thc concentrates and budders so I decided to pick up an oil rig. So now I'm sitting here with .5 of headband BHO, 1.5 of blackberry kush shatter, 1.5 of green crack shatter, and a quarter of some really pungent dutch diesel x blue goo flowers ... too many to choose!
    I keep finding myself torn between the flowers and the oil! I mean, the oil is clearly better but I'll always love burning up some buds man.
    What would you smoke if you were in my shoes?
    Also, what are YOU smoking?

  2. Right now I've got some blue dream and g13 flowers; Sour grape and Tahoe OG butane extracts. I prefer concentrates without a doubt. If you have the rig and a constant flow at a good price how can you say no? I manage to save more money and smoke much less often with concentrates. Personal vape would probably help conserve.
  3. Damn those are some nice strains bro! And yeah, I'm kinda diving head first into oil at the moment and having a blast! It seems kind of like that's where the cannabis culture is headed.
  4. mostly dabs for me but I love mixing it up with flowers... it's more expensive for me which is mostly why i fuck with oils and concentrates instead
  6. How much bud do you ned to make some oil?
  7. I prefer bud. I don't know why, I have been accustomed to most of my life needing to roll up blunts and whatnot, I mean I rarely even hit my bong or my spoons unless I am out of wraps or joint papers. Concentrates get me fucked up but I enjoy being high, stoned with buddies is awesome, but by myself i'm content with just a nice high that bud can get you
  8. Bud the only concentrate i've ever fucked with is hash and that's rare around here. I wouldnt mind trying dabs but i probably wont be anytime soon because FL has shitty mj laws.
  9. I would roll up a joint of all your shit. I've been smokin bowls of half kush and half hashish. Good shit. Smoked two half/half bowls last night, put me on my ass real good.
  10. I was talking to my friend about this last night. He came back to town to visit. We both prefer dabbing over bud now. It caught me off guard because last time I saw him he wasnt into dabbing.

    Man that shit is so nice. Get high quicker. Get higher in general. Save $$$. I havent converted to dabs only yet but I might soon. Then again I love me a jay every now and then.

    Either way if you get baked on dabs or bud your doin it right haha
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    Depends on the quality of your material. My chemdawg in my avatar pulled little over 8g off of 1.5 oz of quality trim. would pull more off the bud but I couldn't bring myself to sacrifice such a low yielder. Buds were very pretty too. 5-8g/ oz  bud is what I usually pull.
  12. oh MAN you really should try dabs! Its a great experience
  13. I like flowers better, dabs usually are too much for me to be happy and i like being able to control myself, i get more happy from weed

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