Dabs.....Rig or Vape?? With Haze Dual V3?

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  1. Okay, so I've been wanting to buy a portable vaporizer. I currently have an Extreme Q and absolutely love it, but I want something cordless basically (don't care too much about the size...more about ease of use, quick heating and saving weed etc.)
    Also, I been dying to get my greedy little hands on some dabs and finally have a reliable source. My source recommends a rig but has also never vaped. I've read lots of portable vape reviews but can find no comparisons between vaping dabs or using a rig. So, what do you guys think??
  2. Oh yea, I forgot to say that I'm very interested in any info about the Haze V3, with dabs or anything would be appreciated. Thanks, for any info.
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    Both of course!

    Rig for each room of my home including the throne room lol!

    A have a few vapes too. I keep one in each ride (and no I don't toke and drive because that would be fucking stupid). That way when I'm at the store, movies, keeping my pimp hand strong, what ever, I can vape right then and there. No one has ever hassled me over it. I just act like I am supposed to be doing this and keep it on the down low. The only people who ask about it or catch me are stoners typically.

    So if I had to pick just one, o would go portable over anything else. The only drawback are shitty expensive batteries. You just never know if that wand style battery is going to come apart on you. Even expensive ones seems to be fragile. More then that get a battery with voltage adjustment. Because if you plan on something portable that uses coils or similar tech to vape that wax then youlol need the extra power when the coil has been used a bit and gets grungy.

    If I wake and I'm hurting, it's a god send to have something right there to be able to use quickly, efficiently with out getting up. I can go right back to sleep. Also, it doesn't wake my lady up from the smell or noise.

    As far as brand goes, just go with what you like. I mean as long as others like it and review it as a piece you would use under similar circumstances then there is no problem. It is when people by something that they don't know how to use or work said device that it gets broken or gets a shitty review. You might go look over in the vape part of the forum and ask questions there. Be forewarned, there are many dicks who have no idea what the fuck it is that they talk about. Big words and a large post count do not a genius make. Well at least not in that part of the forum. What they make is ass holes lol.

    It's late, I'm high, it's another novel.....
  4. I've only dabbed a handful of times, and with both my friends rig and my cloud evo. I've got to say both are amazing, but something about the rig stands out.
  5. My little oil rig is the pride of collection. It's my profile picture
  6. Before I spent the 160 on that ( I got the rig, the Quartz banger, a glass carb/cap dabber and a oil slick pad for all that) I played around with cheap capes until I got the eLeaf iStick 40w I can change the voltage, I found a cheap atomizer for dry herb I have to replace every few weeks unless I only use it for hash or kief even then it eventually gets resinous and needs replacing. For wax I use the Kiln by Atmos. It's sub-ohm and it gives great hits.

    I am looking for something I can put on that battery and be more portable; like maybe make e-juice so that it's always full and I can just pick it up and go. Or do you saturate the coils with the wax until it's good to go for a few rips? It's such a pain to put the piece on the ceramic coil I usually just torch my banger and dab.

    What did you end up getting? What is your favorite?
  7. I'd suggest doing research into diy pens if that's the way you decide to go. As an ecig user the prices people put on this shit just because it's for weed is stupid. Get a good guaranteed to not explode Joyetech brand ego battery and then you can get any 510 threaded atomizer around. Half the price of a Kandy pen and no proprietary expensive to replace crap.
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  8. Good advice Shishka, always go with 510 threaded and you'll never have a problem finding replacement parts.
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