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Dabs on dabs....

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Faym0us, Jan 14, 2014.

  1. If I could burn $100 bills and get high, I'd still buy weed.

  2. i have $40 per g

    i can get it for 30 if i pick up 3 or more.
  3. i have seen .5 for 50 for like ice melt hash and other extracts
  4. Sure I would love to show you pics. I happen to have a couple in my phone now. Im trying to put pics through for my profile picture but I'm running on the phone application Hot Spot and the signal doesn't seem to be strong enough or whatever the problem is , my phone just won't send anything to the computer. I will fix the problem later today when I wake up and get you the pics. You will enjoy them... gnite

  5. Stop that! Be nice to the lady.
  6. Go on weedmaps. My collective charges 65 a gram for oil. I don't think that is the same as wax IDK cause i'm more of a flower smoker myself.
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    Depending on what's available anywhere from 60$-80$ a gram (but its crumble not dabs my guy is kinda healthy so he is steering clear of solvent extracts), but this is down south an these are Colorado concentrates I'm getting. Plus my dude usually smokes me out every time I go there. Only man to make me puke.

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  8. It's about 15 a gram in Washington if you have friends in the industry an if not about 30 if shop some jerks at the rec shops will try to charge 80 but that's for rich people who are to lazy to shop around yo
  9. If there's good bud than there's about a 90% chance there's also good oil. Just like anything, there are exceptions, but paying $70 for a gram of say 95% pure hash oil isn't too bad. But if you pay $70 for a gram of say 45% pure hash oil, you're probably getting ripped off.
    But just like people have been saying above me, it depends much more on supply and demand in your area. If there are few people producing oil in your area, but there are a lot of people looking for it, the price will always be very high when compared what it sells for in areas of low demand or high supply.
    I paid $40/gram when I first began dabbing, but after moving I found the average price around where I live now to be $60/gram, something I'm willing to pay, as there is a pretty apparent increase in purity and all around quality. Interestingly though, I didn't move very far, only about a 40 minute drive from the first town I mentioned. I'd think it'd be the same market, but it is a completely different one. Guess what I'm saying is if you maybe just tried to expand out into different but closeby markets, you could most likely find a better deal than what you're getting.
    Anyhoo, this was too long. Happy toking though 😊
  10. I've found oil for $45-50 a gram, coming from a $20 a gram, $60 an eighth bud area.
  11. Crumble doesn't equal solventless. And dabs do not equal solvent.

    Crumble os a consistency of a concentrate. Dabs is a term used for applying the concentrate to your nail with the dabber.
  12. See you learn something new everyday. I didn't know that. Thanks for clarifying man.

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  13. In Baltimore, you can find quality dabs for $30-40 a gram. Where I am, it's usually $60 a gram for good stuff, but I have a hook up that does medium quality dabs for $50 a gram, although recently he increased that to $55. It's crazy how within just one state prices can vary so much.

    Funny story, but I stopped buying from that guy and bought from a guy closer to the city for a while, so eventually he was like "what's up bro." I told it to him like it is and he asked me what i thought a reasonable price was and i told him 50 so he was like "alright then it's 50." I know 50 isn't a magical price, he does get high quality dabs though and I just thought it was awesome I boycotted my way to a $10 discount
  14. It should be

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