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Dabs on dabs....

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Faym0us, Jan 14, 2014.

  1. Please don't call it dabs that annoys me haha, I mean this in a nice way. It's called wax/oil/errl. You can say your taking a dab but saying you need dabs is wrong...

    Anyway don't pay more than 50 unless you have a lot of money and don't mind paying double th price...

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    I would kill Myself if I lived In the east coast.. It sounds terrible, cold shitty weather and shitty weed pricing

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  3. I can get a case of 10x butane and make over an oz if shatter. So yeah i would say you are getting played for a sucker
  4. Even if it's top shelf, $70 is bullshit. Haha I wouldn't pay over 40. Maybe 50 if I was desperate. But I'm from Connecticut so maybe the prices are different
  5. lol I'm from Connecticut and can never even find oil

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  6. [quote name="Technical" post="19522730" timestamp="1392395245"]lol I'm from Connecticut and can never even find oil

    Whattt! Haha I just asked my dealer and she told me she new a guy and it ended up being a kid I went to high school with haha
  7. I don't know much about dab prices ,but from what I've heard a gram shouldn't run you anything over fifty bucks in most places.
  8. Yea people are crazy on here just cuz you live in Cali and get grams for $50 and under doesn't mean everyone does and doesn't mean your getting ripped off if you don't lol ... East coast here Boston to be exact and you'll be lucky to get a gram for less then 60 but I would say average around here anywhere from 50-100 I personally make it for myself because the prices are ridiculous .. Works out for me though :)

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  9. Ayo when the supply is low and price is high you gotta do what you gotta do.
    Ignore the haterz, unless they send you some goodie your way they can shot tha fock opz
  10. For examplez
    When I use to bust out linez and linez and linez
    I paid top premium for 90% pure shit right off the brick.  Almost double the price of a regular 8ball
    You all know what I'm talkin bout lolLLERR SKATES
  11. You live in a non medical state you won't get $35/$45 a gram prices unless you are buying in bulk or if it's garbage. Idk why everytime someone mentions something about price 50 medicinal state people jump in about how cheap there dispensary bud is. If it was good quality $70 a g is standard price

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  12. And it takes about a quarter(give or take) of bud to make 1 g of oil. Plus butane and labor to make it so I don't see how $70 for a quarter of weed, butane and man power is a bad price(especially in Iowa)

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  13. Don't believe them all. The clubs sell oil for 60/g to. You get better prices on the street for high quality stuff.
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    yeah, most people i know want top quality for $40-45/g
  15. That's crazy. I guess I am a nice guy or time for some numbers to go up.
  16. i have friends who smoke an 8th of oil a day, so thats part of it i'm sure.
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    this goes for boston too^^ I make for me and a few friends and the absolute cheapest I will charge to run top quality bud is 60 a quarter

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  18. its just the market where you are. Is it wax or real shatter dab or honeycomb. The shatter we play with you can actually handle with your hands. It breaks or snaps when you crack off that little piece that gets everyone so medicated. It comes to about 9 bucks a gram for us here. Damn I'm bringing my dabs to Iowa. Ha!! And this is as good as it can possibly be shatter.
  19. Pics? I would like to see what $9 a gram best oil out there oil looks like
  20. concentrate prices differ on location and other stuff.

    I can find wax shatter or clear from 15 a gram to 100 a gram. The lighter it is, the pricier and tastier it is.

    I pay on average 50 to 70 a gram. The 20 a gram stuff is ok, but ya know.

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