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Dabs not doing it

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Grandmasboy14, Mar 23, 2016.

  1. So I've been a bud smoker for around 12 years. I've tried edibles many times and find that they just don't work for me. I've been making some bho recently and have found that it has little to no effect other than feeling like I've just had a cone. I've tried really big hits, smoking it different ways and nothing seems to work. What I'm really curious about is I think I'm making a half decent product and the way I figure it is in the end of the day the yellow stuff I'm collecting up should be somewhat potent no matter what. I would be happy if I was getting a high even similar to just making dusty's in a blender. Does anyone else have a similar experience of not getting stoned on extract?
  2. No, dabs get me super high.

    I was a flower smoker over 20 years.

    Love my dabs!
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  3. I take the tiniest bit of a dab and I'm good for hours.

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  4. You are getting bad dabs or just doing something wrong.
    Dabs put me on my ass for hours
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  5. Time for a t-break homeboy. You tolerance is through the roof.
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  6. Yep agreed. You are getting bad dabs. It is probably made from shitty flower. Just because it is a dab it will be 80% to 90% thc.

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  7. Hes making it himself. He knows what the starting product is.
  8. Yeah, bruh. Stop smoking for 2 weeks (it sucks I've been there) and then dab. DUUUUUDEEE.

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  9. Do you have a huge tolerance? are you taking big dabs? Wax always does the trick for me haha. if youre taking in THC youre gonna get high.
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  10. Hash not oil just hash in a GB always does the trick add some kief on top if ya need
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  11. I'd say if dabs aren't working, something is wrong. Could be you're doing it wrong.
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  12. Agreed. Been smoking flower daily for 35 years, dabs kick my ass.

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  13. just bend over fool
    and then run full out run hard
    right into a wall!

    (i suck at haikus)
  14. Iron eyes wants you to bend over. Watch out!
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  15. I also do not often feel much from dabs or edibles. I do not have an abnormally high tolerance (anywhere from 4-8 green bowls a day, never buy my own wax) and never get really high off wax. I have even taken 2 quarter to half gram dabs of the best shatter back to back and nothing. But two or three bowls of bud still gets me ripped so whatever.
  16. Been smoking flower for 13 years and I can say I have tried dab about every way possible and dont find it any better than flower. I prefer green over dab honestly

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