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Dabs: Bacteria and Fungi

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by MannyM420, Apr 7, 2016.

  1. Hello there everybody. I have a sort of medical condition currently where my immune system is slightly impaired but I also have no appetite and so smoking helps me incredibly. However, I have realized there is currently more risk than reward for me right now by smoking dry herb because of all of the bacteria and fungi that is commonly found in dry herb. My question is when people convert dry bud to wax/dabs/shatter whatever does it still contain those harmful organisms?
  2. If you are smoking, any 'organisms' on/in the weed are being destroyed by fire.
  3. It can concentrate pestisides and I think fungus. Not sure about bacteria. Are you in a medical or legal state? You can inhale mold spores from flower. The entire bowl isn't at temp to kill it when you light it. Only a portion is lit and you are inhaling whatever with it. I would think cooking it in edibles would kill anything bad.
  4. Well, you inhale mold spores every time you step outside and breath some fresh air. So fuck it, unless its visibly moldy then I'd steer clear of it lol. Not sure about the concentrates though.. bacteria maybe but I'd think the mold would be gone. Who knows, anyway like said before me edibles sound like the best idea if your really concerned about making sure nothing alive is in your herb. Maybe vaping? small amounts of herb that get heated pretty quick. That should kill anything in it I'd think. But don't take my word for anything I'm just another grain of sand on this endless beach. Or in this case another fungi spore floating through the universes terrarium. Shit.. ok I'm pretty stoned so I think its time to stop talking lol. Take care man! :apache:
  5. I'm sure if you do 17 hail mary's and dance to the tune of a white rabbit speeding through a worm-hole, you should be fine dabbing if weed is too much for you. Make sure you purge yourself free of all doubts before you inhale a foreign substance that you have to ask questions on how it was created. *Sarcasm is not included in this message.
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  6. Believe it or not, cooking herb is worse than inhaling for fungi
  7. Please explain.
  8. I'm not an expert but I researched fungi a few times as I felt I had herb that was contaminated but I think it's because when you smoke it your actually setting fire(destroying some mold, not nearly all) and your body is used to inhaling mold but when you cook it, it doesn't get hot enough to really destroy any/much mold and your body doesn't have much immunity against eating mold
  9. I see what you mean. Probably good to avoid all together.
  10. Honestly, might be naïve but i have never heard of concentrates having mold or bacteria. But then again I get concentrates from a dispo, and good quality... But i just remembered this.

    When i was 16 i had some black unpurged butane filled poop soup (it was from a dispo too lol, it was shitty af tho of a dispo). A little after dabbing it for a few days, my lungs felt sorta heavy..... im pretty sure it gave me asthma. now reading this thread. Around that time, i was wheezing, which never happened before. I remember that batch was really weird. Strain was apollo 13. Maybe it had mold, it was some old material i can tell. Im allergic to mold... Fuck... makes me mad and sad if its true. i have no clue. so many factors

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  11. Asthma isn't something you get ever night like that and it doesn't just go away. Your lungs we probably full of shit bho.
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  12. Well i have a weird situation, i had never had asthma, wheezing, or any bad with my lungs before ever smoking. I play sports my whole life: Football, soccer, baseball, and basketball. I never had lung problems then. Also i never cough when i smoke. not even big dabs. I know people from a tiny one, will die coughing lol idk if thats relevant. This isnt my case, but people can get asthma from having real bad allergies. my asthma is very minor compared to the asthma spectrum.

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  13. I have had asthma my whole life, pretty bad as a child. It doesn't sound like asthma to me but perhaps it is. If you feel this way you should probably go see your doc and get an emergency inhaler, especially if you think it is allergy related. Never know when you could get an attack.
  14. Where do you get your concentrates?
    Street, dispensery, other?
  15. Thanks for your concern. When it happened, a few months went by and i thought maybe it was temporary but no it persisted. I told my parents and saw an asthma/allergic doctor. He confirmed it was asthma. Since then I have been using my inhaler. he thought it was strange nonetheless. Then checked allergies. I was like allergic to every mold pretty bad but i have never encountered an allergy attack from mold. Grass im allergic too, baseball in spring was torture. I got allergies from grass definitely. Basically allergic to everything on his chart he tested besides cats and dogs haha. Weed would actually make my nose stuffy now i think about it lol but my dads side is known for allergies. My cousin on my mom side has bad allergies too and he gets stuffy nose from weed too lol. Never had a problem but im always on check just incase! Always will carry my rescue inhaler on me.

    This was from a dispensary like two years ago. A few weeks my friend got his actual card in the mail. Since then, he can go to any dispo. At the time he could only go to the same dispo that let him get the card. It was a walk in. Thats Michigan, idk if thats for other states. That shitty wax was from a long time ago :)

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  16. Not like this in california at all.. Here you go see the doc, he gives you the script during the visit and you can go to any dispensary you want. You can go to as many as you want.

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