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  1. Just bought a new Silika bubbler and got a dome piece and nail to go with it for some dabs. I've only done dabs once so I sort of need a lesson on a few things. 1. Torch - can someone please suggest a good but someone reasonably priced torch I can get off amazon? (have a gift card there)
    Also bought a BHO extractor (the original honeybee one) and had a few questions about making my own oil. How much oil is made by using your own weed in the BHO extractor? Like apporximately how many grams per ounce of weed used? And how much is each dab usually? (A decent sized one), also I am a new grower so I was wondering if there was any other part of the plant I could throw in the extractor and blast with some butane to get oil for dabs. Which parts of the plant can I use for oil?
    thank you!

  2. you can use your trim from the plants along with the buds themselves, stems and all. (run the trim separately from the nugs if you want the choice of two different qualities of hash from the same plant.)
    expect about a 10-20% return on whatever you put in. for example if you run 20g's of nug, you might get 2-4g's of oil.
    and for a torch, look up Bonjour Brulee torches, cheap and effective. you'll have to get butane locally as most companies won't ship it. you could also go to BB&B (bed, bath and beyond) and pick up a Bonjour torch there for ~$30, they don't sell butane though.

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