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Dabbing & tolerance

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by sweetleaf53, Aug 26, 2017.

  1. I have consistently dabbing for 2-2-1/2 years now, my tolerance is through the roof, feel like it's time for a break , problem is I also use it medicinally, curious as to how long a break I should take to feel the euphoria & medicinal benefits again, any help is appreciated

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  2. Longer the better, everyone's different. After your break your tolerance will come back amazingly fast if you don't change your ways.
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  3. Yeah I have been dabbing consistently around two years now... I try to keep my dabs on the smaller side, less than .1 per dab and switch up the pieces I dab out of which helps, and also use flower in my vape which gives me a different high...My tolerance is definitely really high, but I can usually still get pretty stoned as long as I am not smoking the same oil from the same piece over and over.

    Having said that, I could definitely use a t break haha
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    How does using a different rig to dab in change your tollerence? Doesn't matter if you smoke a 0.1g dab in a $100 rig or a $1000 rig it will still give you the exact same high:confused_2:
  5. It doesn't change your tolerance at all, but getting in the habit of using the same piece, over and over again, just gets your brain into a rhythm and I definitely feel less high. When I switch up the piece/location I smoke/ flower vs concentrate etc. it keeps me feeling much higher off a small amount. It is more tricking your brain, but no it definitely does not lower tolerance which is why I said at the end I still could use a T break
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  6. Thanks everyone, appreciate the input

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  7. Since you got bho or the like, how about decarbing it and making a sublingual tincture? Use that on your "break"

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